Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Yesterday I went to uni to hand in three of my assignments whoop whoop! Three down, 1 more assignment and presentation to go, then I have some time to chill before starting my 5000 word monster dissertation :O (well it's monstrous for me, MSc and Phd students are probably thinking I'm a lucky so and so right now)

So yeah... The essay I'm doing now is all about how we would progress in our careers as Audiologists once we've graduated.  Doesn't really seem that bad, until you look into and realise the government have completely changed the way audiology will be studied from next year and the way to advance in your career..... yay for me! <<(sarcasm....)

These kind of assignments I Loathe, as they require me to have an opinion on...like...everything.  I mean, I am opinionated and like to have my say on things, but things I know about (or want to know about). My other assignments have all be research based, which I prefer, as it's just taking in findings and research from a bunch of other scientists on a particular topic and spewing it out into my own words and biggin' it up or slaggin' it off.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
An essay requiring me to use more of my brain than I would prefer to is nicht to mein liking.

Anyway enough self pity for a moment.  Whilst I was doing some research for my assignment, I stumbled across an article on the history of Audiology.  Interesting fact (for audiologists anyhoo): Audiology only came to be a certified profession after World War 2, as a result of treating veterans hearing losses due to excessive noise exposure.

It got me to thinking: the profession I intend to develop my career in came about as a result of war.  Now I've always been a bit hippy-ish in my belief that War is baaaaad, even though World War 2 was..well...a War involving a lot of the western World, not just a petty little bikker.
But I never associate anything positive coming about as a result of war.  I usually just think about the unnecessary  death and destruction it causes.
Actually I've never really questioned the UK's involvement in WWII, I just remember learning about 'Trench foot' in history, being extremly grossed out, and never giving it a second thought.

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah Radi Allahu anhu reported that the beloved  Prophet Salla Allahu ta'ala 'alayhu wa Sallam said:

"Ad-dunya sijnul mu'min wa janaatul kaafiri."

"The world is a prison for the believers and a paradise for the disbelievers."

But an extremely useful profession came about as a result of WWII.  The Audiological advances in hearing aid and cochlear implant technology is amazing!  To think that an adult/child born with a profound hearing loss can have the opportunity to hear!  Granted they will not hear things with the same clarity that a normal hearing person will, but they're hearing non-the-less!
I think its a modern day miracle! (or maybe I'm just over emotional!)

Here's a touching video that will soften even the iciest of cold hearts.  it's the turning on of a cochlear implant on an 8month old baby :D

Breaking News!
Mum has lost interest in getting a parrot :( I knew this would happen!! (Read the parrot post here) I had already planned on naming it Napolean if it was a boy.  I couldn't think of a nice girls name for a parrot, Polly's too obvious.  I'm open to suggestions (even though it's a bit pointless since we're not getting one anyway *sniff* still, go for it!)

My cousin Tee named her kitten Frodo.  I think naming a kitten after a hobbit is a bit daft... but she likes it :) I can't really talk as I suggested it should be called Jigga.  Jay-Z would be proud (yessir)



  1. I s'ggested to my friend that she name her bird Polly Ester, but that is just the organic chemist in me having fun!

    War is sometimes inevitable when you are the country being attacked by a country that wants to destroy you and there were some very evil people (relatively speaking) in Nazi Germany driving World War II. I am generally a non-war person.

  2. I like the name Polly Ester actually! Who wouldn't name a parrot after Polymers?!
    True, War is inevitable sometimes. Funny how something positive can come about as a result of something negative though.

  3. Yes, I think it would be fabulous if the name Polly Ester caught on in a viral way. Then people all over the world would as their bird friends, "Polly Ester, who did you name your bird after?" and then they could say my name. That would be a most interesting way to become famous. I think I may make a blog post of this Polly Ester chat a little later today, I have to walk out the door in a few minutes. My vehicle broke down so I have to take my wife to work, I think its my alternator.

  4. You just hypothesised your own rise to fame, I like it! *high 5*

    I woke up late for work one time, and rang in and said my alternator was not working so I was going to be late! (I googled 'reasons the car will not start'). Moral of the story....erm...lying is bad!
    Hope your car gets fixed and it's nothing complex!

  5. Congrats on completing your assignments...phew its hard work, the dissertation is a biggie, u will get it done & Graduate this year IA! Go Girl!
    WOW! thats interesting how audiology started around war time....like u I am a peaceful person & dislike war! Interesting & cute video @ the end!

  6. Thanks FP, i'A! The baby vids lovely ain't it?! :)

  7. My my, how did you know that I too was lying about my alternator?!?!? Actually, I am now lying to you about lying to you. I spent a little bit of time trying to work on it today, but its too cold, and my silly battery charger actually says that BOTH batteries (connected in parallel) are fully charged, but the silly thing still doesn't run, I even got a little help from my best friend's husband because he is a Ford diesel guy too.

  8. Sorry, the comment editor messed up, its been doing that alot lately, just freezes up completely and I can't edit anything farther, frustrating.

    Yes, that would be cool if that is my claim to fame, and if parrots take over the world and we humans die off, I would be The Stuff of Legends. Brakkk, Polly does want a cracker, and make it a Garden Valley Veggie Variety from Nabisco, my fav or right, brah-k.

  9. Oh esbboston, don't get tangled up in your own web of lies! Good luck with the car. Imagine a world where parrots rule, like planet of the apes but...without the apes... There would be bird poo everywhere!! my goodness.

  10. Yes, it would be okay as long as the parrots didn't guano up everything. It is s'pposed to be another cold day here again so I don't know how much I will get done on my truck. I am wanting to learn all I can reasonably do to repair my own vehicles. It is a diesel so that adds a new twist in my life. I've had it about a year and I've had a lot of repairs, but it was pretty high mileage so I am not surprised. Fun with tools, I do enjoy driving it.

  11. I'm quite luck with my little Clio, i've had it almost 4 years and It's done me proud all in all! The occaisional failing starter motor and a few popped tyres (always the front passenger side spookily), but can't complain :D

  12. I have had great success. It was one of the two batteries that was defective in my truck. Much easier to repair and far cheaper than an alternator. But the day was eXhausting, totally tired. But I can't really rest completely until I get my wife at work.