Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 continued!

I knew I'd forgotten somethings when i published my last post!

In 2011 I also learnt a new language, British Sign Language (BSL).  I loved my BSL classes, made a bunch of lovely friends who i hope to keep in touch with (the wonders of facebook  eh!).  I'm really worried that I'm gunna forget how to sign though, because the few deaf friends I have, I see very rarely! so sometimes I just sit there having mock conversations with myself while my family look at me with a concerned expression on their face (They don't know whether I'm border line crazy, or all the way there.....I like to keep them guessing)

I also started volunteering for Action on Hearing Loss, a voluntary organisation that aims to help hearing impaired/deaf people with their hearing aids or for general advice in disadvantaged areas where help is not readily available.  I'm quite enjoying it.  We mostly see old people, who have some pretty interesting stories and some not so interesting (Like a little ladies story about how the neighbours dog 'bullies' her plants)
You may get a werthers original sweety if you prove yourself useful.  It's usually a loose sweet, without the rappe,r dug out of a deep, dark, mysterious pocket....but hey, a sweets a sweet.

So the Deaf community got pretty lucky this year, a double dose of moi for them to enjoy!

    Rainbow Cake!! Baked by L in BSL class :D nom noms


  1. One day a long time ago I realized how wonderful sign language could be at allowing ease of communication all over the entire planet. I wonder how much difference there is between sign languages, after noticing that you learned the British Sign Language.

  2. That is a lovely thought! Unfortunately British sign language (BSL) is completely different from american sign language (ASL)! There was a deaf brother and sister in my class who had come from Kenya, where they taught American sign language, and the main difference is that in BSL you use both hands to sign, where as ASL uses only one hand to sign. I think the principal of sign language is gesturing things similar to the words meaning, and different languages/cultures/countries have different meanings for different words, so sign language is really varied.

    I like the idea of a universal sign language though :D

  3. ahhhh very interesting, I would like to learn to sign, BTW the rainbow cake is funky!

  4. Flower Power you should go for it! It's quite fun to learn :) and the cake was yummy!

  5. I could do with a slice of that rainbow cake right now

  6. It was sooo yummy! All gone now though *rubs belly*