Thursday, 5 January 2012

Me Likey

So I downloaded that 12 days of Christmas app for my iPhone, and i have to say, it's bloody pants!  The only good apps to have come from it (in my humble opinion) are:
1) Snapspeed- This awesome cam app that allows you to edit/manipulate photos.  It's by far the best pic editing app i've got from the app store.  
2) 30 Rock and House pilots- unfortunately I've already seen these.  I LOVE 30 Rock, and I've seen a few episodes of House, which is good, but for some reason I don't really wanna get into the series.

There were a few good games like sonic and need for speed racing ones, but they're not really my cup of tea.
I shouldn't really complain, mind, considering they're free apps! 

But anyhoo I got excited by this Snapspeed app and went and took some snaps around the house with my cam and got editing! Here are some of ze results:

 Dressing table
 Love this one as it looks like a painting or something! A little bronze shisha I got from Dubai
 I think this looks quite vintage *smug smile*
 Some people collect stamps, others mother- bags!

On the subject of things me likey- I should talk about m-dawg.

now when I first started blogging, I texted a few friends and asked them to check out my blog.  I'd say about 2% of them actually checked it out (Thanks for the support guys *sobs* I'd like to thank  God and my parents...) 

But yeah.  One of my good chums M-dawg informed me that she had not even graced my blog with her cyber presence.  This news saddened me.  WARNING: This is the part where I guilt trip M-dawg.  Considering the amount of time we have know each other (about 18 bloomin years), I thought M-Dawg would have been one of the first keen little travellers to jump on my blogging bandwagon, but nay.....this was not the case.  

Her first question in regards to my blog was 'Do you talk about me?'......*facepalm*
M-dawg and I came to an agreement.  She would read my blog if i dedicated a post to her.  Her lack of immediate interest in my blog and narcissistic assumption that my blogging topics revolve around her have demoted her from having a whole post to her self, to sharing a post with the crappy 12 days app (womp womp).

Heres a few things about M-dawg you may like to know:
1) She has graduated from university with a degree in Law (You go girllllll)
2) She is UH-MAZING at giving dirty looks at will (By that I mean she gives daggers, like mean looks, not kinky dirty looks!).  She gained notoriety in our local area after making a dog weep just by giving it a dirty look.  this is where the name M-dawg comes from.  
3)She practically lives in Pizza Hut.  One time we went and a member of staff asked 'Do I know you from somewhere? Oh no, it's just that you come here a lot......'  I initially thought M-dawgs love for pizza hut was sad, until it got us an extra scoop of ice cream with our cookie dough! GIRLS GOT CONNECTIONS!

Thats enough M-dawg info.  I'm pretty sure you have fallen in love with her after a reading that brief summary.  

Now to ring M-dawg to arrange our Phantom of the Opera tickets ;)
Love you M-Dawg xoxo


  1. Haha, she read my blog!

    You forgot to mention that M-dawg does not miss a trick.

    GM x

  2. Oh snap! That line was in my head when I was writing this post aswell! Dang nabbit.
    I just spoke to her on the phone and she said 'I've read your blog! I read it after reading GM's' and I was all like 'I told you about mine first!' and she was all like 'get over yourself' and then I said ok.

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  4. nice pics & nice perfume collection.....not forgetting the bags;) I really enjoy reading your blogs
    P.s. I'm in love with M-dawg ;)

  5. Flower Power-Glad you're enjoying the blogs! and M-dawg by the sounds of it teehee