Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Birthday Jizzle!

My oldest brother Jizzle (again...not his real name) turned 26 today, so I thought it only fitting to dedicate a post to him, being my biggest fan an' all!

for anyone who is curious to see what Jizzle looks like, here is a snap of him below:
JOKES.  This is a catfish silly billy (although there are striking similarities between the Catfish and Jizzle)

We went out to celebrate yesterday (which was saturday, for the intellectually impaired out there...) so we could chill and not have to worry about work/uni the next day! We ventured out to an Indian restaurant called Nawaabs in manchester (I say Indian, it's actually Pakistani, but it doesn't sound as good saying 'I ate Pakistani food', so we'll stick to Indian, even though it's the same!).  Nawaabs is one of the most popular restaurants in Manchester, well the UK actually, so upon arrival we had a 1 hour wait :/  Wasn't too bad, most if passed by with family banter, which usually consists of everyone picking on my Dad, bless him (I don't pick on him though :D)

So anyone who's been to Nawaabs buffet knows how huuuuuuge the variety of food is, here are some pics I pinched from the website so you can get the jist of how ridiculous the variety of food offered is;

The long buffet with a kitchen right behind, so you can see the food freshy being made.

I've always been very close to my brothers.  Growing up, I wanted to be just like them, which resulted in me having a little tomboy phase (there's a picture of me and my brothers when we were little, where my mums friend mistook me for a boy and said to my mum 'I didn't know you had 3 boys!'.  "Nope, not 3 boys, thats my little girl" my mum replied with a mixture of pride and embarrassment....)

But yeah, growing up we'd always be playing on the playstation or in the park, but mine and Jizzles sibling love grew a notch when he introduced me to the wonderful word of WWF.  I was obsessed with The Rock, freaked out by Goldust and Bluedust, and liked to immitate the actions of  the Trple X crew (anyone familiar with there actions knew that this was not appropriate for a little girl....).  That love was taken down a notch when Jizzle used me as his wrestling dummy; Clotheslining, power slamming, and even body slamming me on occasion (I'm not even joking).

But I'll never forget the day he broke my heart...when he blurted out that wrestling was fake in an angry fit of rage (we were probably fighting over who gets the remote....which we still seem to do....).  It was like someone telling a kid that Santa didn't exist!! (Or how i imagine it would feel...being Muslim, santa was never really a big deal for me).

I eventually forgave him as it's hard to stay mad at Jizzle.  He has a sweet, boy-ish charm about him, and I don't know whether I actually mean that, or if I'm just saying that because that's how he describes himself quite often (It's imprinted in my brain now.....)

But yes, heres to my lovely, funny, intelligent but incredibly stupid all at the same time brother Jizzle.  Inshallah you have many more bdays to come and stay blessed in wealth, health and happiness, ameen xoxo

Jasims Manchester United birthday cupcakes :D


  1. that's nice to dedicate your blog to your brother....u guys have a good banter going on between you, happy bday Jizzle...btw the cupcakes are ace

  2. Those are reaLLy neat cupcakes! Glad you guys had a wonderful time, but ((((he's wrong, WWF is real!!!))))

    1. The cupcakes are awesome right?! If you like, I can get some wwf themed cupcakes made especially for you :P