Sunday, 1 January 2012


I remember being a kid in primary school, standing in the playground, staring at the sky, thinking 'Why is time going so SLOWLY!?' and then I realised that the older I became, the faster time flew!  I suppose it's because you have more responsibilities and have more things to do when you're older, so the free time you have seems short-lasting.

Subhan'Allah.  Pinched this pic from:

I honestly sit looking at the sky sometimes, and get freaked out by how fast the clouds are moving past me, as that means the worlds turning faster and so time is moving faster! (In my simple little head anywho).

Then I wonder if the clouds that I perceived to be slow moving when I was a kid in primary school where in fact moving fast for someone who was my age, then, at the very same moment?

Then my head hurts and I go eat a biscuit.

I think this year (or last year...) has been pretty eventful for me, but I struggle to recall what notable things I've actually done!!  I think thats more down to my bad memory than actually not doing anything all year!

So in March I went to Marrakech with my family for my 21st, and it was BEAUTIFUL! I really want to go back to Morocco at some point in my life.
Also in March, my beautiful mam and dad threw me a suprise 21st Bday party :D was lovely!

 Above: A pic from the beautiful hotel we stayed in and the stunning Katoubia Mosque below after I added a few effects :D

 Mint Tea (my new love)
 Katoubia Mosque at night from Djema El-Fna square
 Camels! (scary mofos to get on and off from.  NOT like riding a horse at all!)
 Garden Majorelles, above and below.  Beautiful <3

 Room dedicated to YSL! The Blue house in the pic above was his house.  they turned his property into a public garden after he died (I think....)
 Spice Souks
 Madersa Ben-Yousef.  One of the oldest Quranic schools in the North Africa
The Courtyard in our hotel.

In June, I finished my year placement and returned to university which was bitter sweet!  It was bitter as I miss the lovely bunch of people i was working with (some who I know i will know forever :D) and I miss getting a wage!! Sweet as I don't have to get up at 6am to get to work for 8am and finish at 6pm!!

In September I went to Barcelona, which again was beautiful!  Loved the Catalonian way of living, so relaxed and chilled (and so clean compared to the dirty UK streets!).
 Paper flowers from la Ramblas
 La Sagrada Familia
 Park Guell
 View of Barca from Skycar
Van Gogh mask in Picasso museum 
Camp Nou in Barca and below my UH-MAZING birthday cake!! Mini me and Goofy!!! 

So yeah.  lets hope 2012 is as eventful!

Hope everyone has a good year :D


  1. you enjoy travelling, very nice snaps of marrakech & Barcelona, 2011 was a great year, lets hope inshAllah 2012 is a happy, successful, healthy & year full of blssings for us all IA.

  2. That was a really nice photo display! I haven't made it to Europe or Africa yet.

  3. I do believe I have a possible explanation to your observation that time seems to be speeding up. Your brain compares your present life to life in the past and the more past, the smaller the amount of time in the present becomes. Think of it as a filing cabinet that keeps adding files and the more files, ie years, the smaller the individual files appear. When you are 7, one year is a ton of time. Not so much when you are 50.

  4. Flower Power- I LOVE travelling! The more of the world I see the better :D and Ameen.

    Esbboston-I'm quite lucky in my location, the UKs pretty central in the world so you can get some cheap flights to other bits of europe and north africa (Egypt, Morroco, Turkey etc.). I would highly recommend both Morocco and Barcelona, and the UK of course! but if you go Marrakech, try an take out a day to visit the atlas mountains, we didn't get a chance but i'd love to go back and see them!

    Evan-That does make a lot of sense! Your explanation is much better than my cloud and biscuit attempt :D

  5. very nice photos of your holidays, I enjoy travelling too, interesting blog!

  6. Thanks globe trecker! Keep posted for other holiday snaps :)

  7. nice photos from your holiday destination, I have a fear of flying & havn't travelled abroad yet, the places look cool!

  8. Aw bad times Baz. Maybe you can travel around Europe via train? I imagine it would very scenic, as opposed to a plane journey!