Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Peaceful Protests

So today in London there was a protest outside the Israeli Embassy by anti-zionists against the illegal Israeli settlements being constructed in the West Bank and East jerusalem, and I sooo wish I could've been there!  You can click the link to read the article about the Illegal iIsraeli settlements <<<(from the BBC website)

I've always wanted to passionately protest for something I truly believe in, like Palestine being recognised as a country (you won't find it on maps any more!) and for their freedom, liberation and general peace in the middle east!

Check out other cool stuff by Latuff from:

But alas, the world is quite an angry place at the moment.  Hope it calms down, I don't want to sedate the angry world, but i'll do it if it comes to it! (or at least i'll try)

Don't compromise your beliefs for anyone.  Stand up proudly for whatever cause you represent!

Also another interesting article from the Guardian you may want to have a gander at is:>>>> If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed <<<< 


  1. I would've liked to b in London too, if I'd have known about the peaceful protest!

  2. Awesome post. I would have been there too if I could!

  3. Yaaay guys we should set up our own little protest from our spots ;)

  4. You should set up your own demonstration. Something tells me you would be a good protester.

    Long live Palestine.

    GM. x

  5. Haha GM, I like that you have faith in my protesting skills :D The articulation of your posts makes me think you'll be an awesome public speaker!

    Go forth and preach my son/daughter/he-she (no discrimination)