Saturday, 17 December 2011

'Eat from the good things which We have provided for you'

So, there's an Ayah in the Qur'ān which I particularly find inspiring;

"O you who have believed, eat from the good things which We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is [indeed] Him that you worship. (2:172)"

Can you guess why? Yup....'cause it tells me to EAT :D And who am I to disobey my Lord?! 

So, my wonderful mother took me to lunch today for a yummy Italian at a place called Pesto.
Like the proper ladies we are, we stuffed our faces like there was no tomorrow! (my philosophy is that you should live each day like it's your last, you see). 

     Yaaaay X-mas themed table settings and yummy yummy tapas style Italiano food :D

In a perfect world, after  our feast, I would've gone home, had a cup of tea and then do what I class as a hobby; POWER NAP.  Unfortunately, that wonderful thing called University (also know as the bain of my life) reared its ugly head, and reminded me that I have ri-donkulous (instead of'll catch me) amounts of work to do *Shakes fists at uni work*.

Some might say 'Stop complaining you douche! You chose to go to uni, and you should consider yourself lucky to have such an opportunity, an opportunity which is merely a dream to some'.  To those people, I say SHAT AP.  Occasionally I like to have a moan and feel sorry for myself.  Then I watch keyboard cat and feel better about my life.  A life without knowing keyboard cat is not a life i wish to live!

                       Cross-stitched keyboard there anything more wonderful?

Eh, I've only got a few more months of uni life, then the lovely student bubble will pop, and that cruel cruel beast know as 'the real world' will come and do a  big dump on me.  So I suppose I should make the most of my last few months of uni.              


  1. I enjoyed reading this - I have just three comments:
    1) Your first photograph: The rather uncomfortable looking man, beautifully contradicts the festive table decor - you have captured the essence of Christmas perfectly.
    2)Although my main comment for your second photograph is that I am hungry, I have to point out my admiration, for the lady casually displaying her D&G watch - it's lovely.
    3)Cross-stitched keyboard cat should be thrown in a cross-stitched bin.
    Gaping Mind x

  2. Glad you enjoyed it :D although I almost broke down when reading your 3rd comment. I'm somehow holding it together.... (keyboard cat helps me through times of emotional instability).

  3. All I can say is keep working hard, its worth it when you graduate IA....
    Pesto NOM NOM NOM