Sunday, 18 December 2011

Birds, Barcelona and other nice things beginning with B (not boys)....

JOKES! I've got no beef with you boys....
“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other).” (49:13)
So I kinda have to not have beef with you, yeah.

So Birds...
Getting a parrot has become my mothers latest ambition.  Not a cute, small parrot, but a proper walking, talking Macaw that has all the colours of the rainbow on its feathers!  I'm completely for this.  I would love to have a parrot and train it to say funny, inappropriate things in the hope that I could catch it on video and send it off to 'You've been framed' (I can practically smell the £250 prize money).

BUT, I hope my mums fascination with parrots lasts and she actually gets one.  In the past month or so, the list of possible pets to be welcomed in my household have included; snakes, kittens and now, Parrots (you can see there is a general theme here.....).

So me and my brother decided to go to the pet shop (the most AMAZING pet shop in Manchester I reckon) to see how much parrots are, and it turns out that actual talking parrots are pretty darn expensive! But my mother, being my mother, doesn't let such minor set backs deter her (When her heart's set on something, she will get it!) and decided the parrot could be her birthday present!  I'm still cool with it, cuz i just really really want a parrot.

       A Toucan!! I want this for my birthday :D

When we were kids, my dad loved birds.  We had budgies, cockatoos and finches for around 12 years (not the same birds for that amount of time....obviously) but eventually my dad got tired of changing dirty newspapers and cleaning cages, so he gave the birds away, and for the first few weeks I couldn't sleep properly as the house felt too quiet! So having a bird back in the house would make me happy!

So Barcelona.....
I had my first ever Tea room experience today, and I LOVED it!  Had the yummiest pastry (forgot what it was called as i was distracted by the creaminess of it!) and it reminded me of my holiday to Barcelona! There was a patisserie next to our hotel, and for breakfast we would get a coffee and pastry which was delicious!  The only difference was that the pastries in Barcelona were around 70p a pop, compared to the £1.65 we paid for our pastry over here in the good ol' UK!

 Yummy Barca breakfast,
equally as yummy, but significantly higher in cost pastry in manc

But was a nice memory of the lovely warmth and sunniness of Barca as opposed to cold snowy Manchester! Nom noms x


  1. loved Barcelona so much.... looking forward to the next holiday!

  2. Those fruit pastries r divine....wanna go to a t room for afternoon Tea!