Sunday, 18 March 2012

Spring, St Paddys and Mums

Happy Belated St Patricks day to all those who celebrate it.

I've always felt an affinity with the Irish, simply because the 17th of March is my birthday as well as being St Paddy's day :)

So I turned 22 yesterday!
Don't panic, I'm not one of those people who are all like:
"OMG I'm 22, my life is OVERRRRRRR!!"
In all honesty, I don't really give a monkeys.

That's the problem with birthdays though, they're always a bit over-hyped.
Don't get me wrong, I love my birthday! I still enjoy hearing people wish me a happy birthday and all that jazz, but there's always those landmark ages that card shops so happily advocate, that make you feel if you're anywhere in between, it's not owt major. 

So once you've had your sweet 16, reached the big 18 and the adult defining 21st, the next thing you've got to look forward to is 30 really isn't it!? or 40, 50 60 etc.

I'd like to do something big for my 25th I think, only because I'll be a quarter of a century old :O

So at 12am on the 17th of March, the birthday texts began to arrive. 
My reaction when I read the first text from M-dawg was 
'Oh shit, It's my birthday!  

I Forgot that it was my bloomin' birthday! 
Bad times brain.  You shouldn't be failing me just yet.
I'm not senile, don't panic. It was only because on the Friday, we threw a surprise party for my chum Choti, so I was still so occupied with her party that I forgot that mine was the next day!
So it was a nice little surprise of my own when I remembered it was my birthday :) 

Choti is urdu for 'little', as Choti is only 5ft 1 or something :D 

(Quick break: we did an 'arabian nights' themed surprise party for Choti.  She's getting married in July, so her mum and sister wanted her to have the best birthday ever before she got betrothed and became the perfect little housewife (how sweet of them :D) Anyway, it went well, and she was so surprised that she cried tears of joy! Mission accomplished).

So yes. 
You lot who've been following me for some time will know what birthdays mean in my household.....

You guys should brace yourselves, these cupcakes are NEXT LEVEL!


are they not amazing? 
If Cookie Monster was real, I would marry him. 

But the treats do not stop there.

My family only went and got me an iPad 3 didn't they!?!
I is in love.
It's so pretty :D

Gosh they spoilt me this year :)
Thanks famo!

Ohhhh they got me some beautiful flowers as well :D

Which brings me to Spring


Better start taking my hayfever tablets.  
Which is a bit of a bitch, 
cuz I loves flowers.

So the weathers started to brighten up a little, and the first thing I think about when the sun is shining is my friends :D
Who better to enjoy the lovely warmth with.

But 2012 has been a year of neglect friend wise.
To sum it up;
Uni work+ no monies= lonely aysh 

Ok...I'm not this lonely, but still...Awww!

4th year of uni has been very demanding, and a lot of my friends graduated uni last year, so are either working or doing something semi-productive with their lives.

So it's pretty hard to find a suitable time for us all to get together and have a proper chill!
I mean this kind of thing is inevitable.  Eventually we all have to grow up and get on with our lives, which means we become busier with certain things, therefore having less time for others.  

I'm usually pretty good at ringing or texting my mates and keeping in touch, but with so many deadlines to meet at uni, my mind has been focused on doing the best I can with the work I'm doing, so I've not had much time to 'do the rounds' and meet up with my chums.

It's a bit of an eye opener, as it's busy times like these that show me which of my friends are still thinking about me enough to text and asked where I've disappeared to, and which aren't really as arsed and still expect me to initiate all the convos. 

Is a wee bit frustrating, but again, thats life really isn't it.  

Oh, finally, quickly wanna share this:

"Verily, Heaven lies under the feet of your Mother" 
(Prophet Mohammed (saw))

If you follow my blog, you know me and my mummy are besties, and just wanted to quickly wish her, and all the other mummies out there a happy mothers day :D 

So you have a flavour of what my mums like, this is what she'll probably be like when I have kids:

 Minus the saggy boobs ;)

Ohhhh and I'll leave you on a yummy note (in case the cooke monster cupcakes where not enough)

Chotis birthday cake from her surprise party:

Wish it wasn't a cake



  1. happy belated birthday! looks like you had a ton of fun! I'm loving those cookie monster cupcakes! ;)

    1. Thank you :D The cupcakes where even cuter in real life!!

  2. Cool ipad 3.....loving the cookies they are really with cookie too, youve been busy....happy belated birthday!
    P.s. Loving the bag cake 2! N the cartoon is sweet, me n my mum are close 2! Its good 2 do things together :)

    1. Thanks chuck!
      Aww it's nice that you and your mum are good pals also :D

  3. Okay that cake is cool, but it's not as cool as my Mario Brother's cake. It was shaped liked a Nintendo DS and it was awesome. Happy birthday though :) I sometimes forget mine, and I don't see them as that big a deal. I haven't really celebrated one in 5 years but Jessie makes sure to fuss over me at least. As for your friends, times like this are when you find out who your real friends are. You might lose some of the ones you liked, but you'll keep all the good ones. If you lose them all, somehow, you still have us!

    1. OMG the mario bros cake sounds awesomeeeee! To quote that essex show I hate, I'm 'well jel' by the sounds of the cake.
      Thanks for the birthday wish :D That's sweet that Jessie makes a fuss :) I secretly love someone fussing over me no matter how much I protest! And thanks for the sweet words about the friends thing :D *high five*

  4. I have had an iPad for about a year and a half and can't imagine Life without one! Hope you had a wonderful birthday, sorry I was a bit late telling you but I was terribly busy with a repair job on Friday then had a father-son trip with my older son on Saturday, and was terribly eXhausted by the end of Sat through Sun! But I did have a wonderful eXperience finding a long lost friend, so I have been writing that story too.

    My iPad doesn't have a camera, but I found an app today that lets me use my wife's iPhone as a wirelessly linked camera. So for only 99 cents I was able to get a neat piece of software.

    1. Thank you!
      Hey don't apologies! I know hoe hectic things can get :D
      That app sounds awesomeeee! Technology nowadays, 'tis amazing!

  5. Everyone forgot my birthday last year. As you can tell, I am well loved.

  6. p.s. love the cartoon......hilarious!

  7. You wanna marry the Cookie Monster? I can honestly say, I have never heard anyone say that before.

    1. My good Lord yes! I think he would make a fine husband :D

  8. Mmm... My sweet tooth is aching now. :(

    1. Yeah, my dentist wasn't impressed with mine after all of these treats :O

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