Saturday, 31 March 2012

Petrol, Pasties and Chocolate

Wagwanin my good peeps.
Apologies for the absence, due to being on placement and still having uni work to do my contribution on blogger has reduced significantly, but fear not!
I have not disappeared from your webpages forever, it's just my posts wont be as frequent now!

I know that my lovely followers rely on me to enrich there lives with my fantabulous stories about poop and cupcakes but panic not, I'm still here :D

Have you guys been panic buying petrol??! If you have, come closer so I can SMACK YOU!

Go Boi

Here's a little rule I live by, NEVER believe the hype! 

For those of you unfamiliar with this nonsense, I'll fill you in:
Basically, fuel drivers stated that they wanted to strike over their poor working conditions, rights and pay etc.  On news of this, the government panic, and the STUPID prime minister and the rest of the tori party advised everyone to go out and fill their tanks with petrol and to fill any jerry cans the have as well, leading the country to believe that there will be an indefinite strike, meaning that petrol pumps will run out of petrol and no fuel drivers will be on hand to deliver petrol anywhere.

So what do the silly sheep in england do? Go and queue outside petrol pumps and run the bloody places dry! Thankfully I didn't notice much of this around my area, but on the news they where showing some people in hysterics, with some petrol pumps rationing petrol!! 

To be fair, these poor fools are only following the advise of their dimwitted PM.  Mr Cameron, wouldn't it make sense to first find out when the strike is going to take place before sending the nation in to a state of panic?  

The union representing the drivers annouced that strike will not take place before the easter period, SO WHY THE FLYING F**K ARE YOU TELLING PEOPLE TO FILL JERRY CANS FULL OF PETROL?
Why are you not advising that ambulances, fire trucks and people who rely on cars to get from a to b have priority? I mean really, all us healthy, able people won't die if we have to walk or catch the bus to the bloody shops, will we? 


Robin Hood? Oh

A woman in yorkshire yesterday ended up having 40% burns; after filling two jerry cans full of petrol, she was giving some to her daughter, in a glass jar (who puts petrol in a gas jar?!) in her kitchen, and somehow, her cooker was on or something, and the petrol and gas mixed somehow and the poor lady got burnt.
Moral: don't distribute petrol in your kitchen......Although I'm sure 99.9% of you didn't need me to tell you that.

So George Osbourne also proposed a 'Pasty Tax'!!

Yes, you heard me right.... Pasty tax.  WHO TAXES A BLOODY PASTY!?!?

They want to add VAT to the price of all food sold at "above ambient temperature".
They're only gunna charge 20% more if you buy the food hot?  What if it's baked hot, but cool by the time you buy it? WHY DO THIS YOU MORON!?!

How dare they do this to our pasties and pies!!  
Cheese and onion pasties and steak and kidney pies are the little rays of sunlight in my work oppressed life right now :(  

leave my pasties alone :(

I had pie and chips last night as an individual form of protest. With gravy, of course.

Now some good news!

Meet the latest addition to Meow Meow

Meet Bobo <3

Remember in the last post I told you my mate Janey at work makes sock monkeys and other sock animals? She made me a little one :D

I feel like he's my childddddd! I couldn't stop cuddling and cooing over him all day!
Scarily, I was even speaking to it in a baby voice, you know the kind you do when you talk to little children or cute doggies or kitties :D

Now Janey already had a few pre-prepared, and made me CHOO CHOO CHOOOSE between them!!

Now this is horrible for me, as since I was a kid (you're gunna think i'm a freak after this) I treated all my dolls, toys and teddies as if they all had feelings, and could NEVER just play with one toy, as for some reason, I felt the other toys would feel rejected and upset, so I played with them ALL!
....erm...I still kinda feel like that....even till this day!!

So I told Janey I COULDN'T choose between them if I saw them, so I told her to just choose one for me.
What did she go and do?

Bobo with his brother and sister :D
Now they are all beautiful! But I just immediately fell for Bobo :)

It was like love at first sight, and it was really tough to choose! But ultimately, I chose him because  he has an orange stripe over his eyes, so he looks like a mutant ninja turtle!!!! :D
The other two look like they have monobrows, which I find endearing about them, but I love mutant ninja turtle/monkeys more :)

Now a few times I've seen blogs/videos of people taking pictures of themselves or other objects in different places, so I decided that I would LOVE to do this with Bobo!  From now on he will be in my bag at all times, travelling with me wherever I go! 

So Bobos first trip was the the Ramsbottom Chocolate festival :D

The festival was AMAZING!  It's been running for 2 years now, was literally just stalls full of all things sweet and chocolaty running through Ramsbottom town centre!!

We had lunch at the Chocolate Cafe, and then had a good prowl through the festival.  

Bobo and ze menu

My Egg Mayo sandwich
was SO good! The softest bread with the hardest crust I've ever eaten.  Divine <3

unfinished chocolate sculpture, It was gunna be an athlete doing the javelin or discus.  Olympics themed.  

Bobo smug with his cranberry and nut, dark chilli chocolate and strawberry and cream chocs

Oreo Cupcake 

This ones for you, diabetics

Reet guys, hope you enjoyed my random rant!

I shall be back on the web in a moment to catch up with your lovely blogs, but right now my dad has brought home PIZZA!



  1. I need to learn how to make cole slaw.

    I thought the lawn mowing people would have been done by now, bizarre. They are disturbing my was-quiet Saturday.

    1. Coleslaws pretty easy I've been told. Mayo, carrots, cabbage? Oh I dunno! I've heard someone mention apples in there too but I think I may be mistake :S

  2. Brilliant! Fab! What a good laugh I have had... Keep up the GREAT work Aysh...

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you darling

  3. Oh, what I would do to be that monkey. It's dangerous for me to be around chocolate.

    1. Oh man, if i'd have know i would've called him Nellie! (the chilly chocolate was AMAZING)

  4. Wow... I don't think even here in America we would put up with politicians that stupid, and that is saying something, because we have had some supreme knuckle heads. What in the world is going on over there? Yikes. Strangely, my old pen name on the internet use to be Bobo, but I don't look like a sock puppet...well maybe a little.

    1. That is saying something considering George Bush was president for 8 years!
      wahaaaay! Old Bobo, meet new Bobo!

  5. I was pretty pissed off at the fuel thing and at the pasty thing. The petrol thing is STUPIDLY MORONIC because if, IF, they went on strike they need to give a WEEKS notice. Plus they're training the freakin army to drive the tankers if the real drivers won't. There shouldn't be any shortage, and even if there is, you have a week to prepare.


    As for the pasty tax, well, that's just stupid because well, it's freakin stupid. If the pasty is cooked then cools down before you buy it, it's the old price. What was worse is that I heard some shop owners were behind it, well that's pretty stupid. They have to charge more, but they don't get any of the sweet moolah because it's VAT. So they're charging people more, but making no more money, and if anything, potentially lowering business by raising prices.



    1. Agreed agreed and agreed marky mark. These people are bafoons.

  6. I want some nougat now aww

    1. Sorryyy for making you hungry (not really mwahahahaha)

  7. The pastie Tax is disgusting & this panic buying of petrol needs to stop.....This stupid govt are totally a waste of space & the country is going down hill....on a happy note I love chocolate & I love your sock monkey....any more going? all those choc n food pics are making me hungry....gr8 blog as always!

    1. Well sock monkeys are available upon request ;) janey would be happy to make more I'd assume!
      thank you :D

  8. The world would be a better place if we could just stop relying on gas-powered cars. With all of the technology in the world, I absolutely do not believe that it isn't possible.

    1. I agree with you! But if they ever did make a car that was completely gas free you know it would be totally out of my price range :( They have electric cars now right? but they're pretty slowww, one step in the right direction i suppose ;)

  9. Haha, I really like that Robin Hood poster.

    1. 'tis a perfect description isn't it?

  10. i dont eat a lot chocolate im diabetic lol

    1. you can get some great diabetic chocolate! My grandma's diabetic and I get her some occasionally that tastes just as good as the normal stuff!

  11. Don't worry about not posting due to school and stuff. Completely understandable.

    Though I'm going to ask you to stop posting pictures of food unless you plan on sending some my way. I don't eat very much when I'm over heavy workloads.

    1. Sorry about the food! I just loves it so much! Hey, send an address my way and you might get something yummy in the post ;)
      (most likely not though....if you're lucky you'll get posted a few crumbs from my left overs :P)