Saturday, 24 March 2012

Where does the time go?

My days the time does fly rather quickly doesn't it?

true say

So I'm back on placement for 5 weeks at the hospital.  I love being back on placement, my colleagues are amazing!  They're the funniest bunch of people I've ever worked with, and to be honest are the main motivation for me to actually turn up to work in the morning!

My body clock is so out of sync at the moment.  Working means that I have to get up at 6am (I leave the house at 7am to get to work for 8am) and then I finish work at 6pm so get home for 7ish.  By the time I get home my brain feels like mush, which is a bit pants as it's not long till our dissertations due in :O
I've also been getting my days mixed up.  I keep thinking everyday is friday....but it's not :(


BUT on the upside, I only work 4 crazy long days, and get one weekday plus the weekend off so I have some time to do something semi-productive!

Being back on placement has been a bit of a shock to my system, not just because I have to get up at crazy O'clock, but my bloomin' poo cycle is ruined aswell :(

'Too much information!!' I hear some of you protest.  Scroll down now if you are one of them....
I think one of the signs of a good friendship is how comfortably you can talk about poo poo.
If you've ever had an in-depth conversation with me about poo, then congrats, you're in my inner circle (don't panic if we haven't yet, there is still time......)

the closest thing to the Whatsapp happy poo I could find

But yeah, I usually have a set time that I poop, and since I've been back on placement, the time I usually poop falls into the time that I'm working.  This is a problem because I can not poop in public toilets.  I just can't do it, for many reasons.

So I end up holding it in and feeling rubbish and poopy all day until I get home and can relieve my self.

Enough about shit.
There's usually enough crazy stuff going on around the Audiology department to keep my mind of my poo troubles.

Hello Friend

Janey at work makes these adorable sock monkeys and I asked her to bring some in for me to check out as think they're so bloody cute and want one :)

I requested a 'socktopus' but Janey refused because she said she wouldn't have fun making it.  She would be a terrible business woman in that sense, as she makes things that make her happy as opposed to what makes the customer happy.

I love her for that <3

Racoon, another one of my good mates at work entertained us at lunch on friday by discussing this whole Mayan calendar theory thing that the world will end in 2012!

He was talking about how he would actually like to be alive when the world ends, just to see what happens.  The rest of us looked at him like he was a freak.

I for one would not want to be alive when the world crumbles to pieces and life as we know it is violently destroyed!! (that's how it will go according to some theories anyhoo!).  The worlds shitty enough now with all the violence and injustice.  if it's gunna get worse then I for one do not want to be present to witness the further deterioration of our civilisation!

What's your take? Would you like to be around when the world ends?  

My day off from work was Thursday.  I went to the dentist in the morning, who, as usual, told me to brush harder and gave me a toothbrush as a birthday gift after I told him I was 22 the previous Saturday.

Good shit.

Then me, mother, M-dawg, Fiz and Choti went on a boat cruise around Manchester where we where served a three course meal whilst admiring the views of Manchesters canal scene!

The weather was soooo nice and we ended up having a really good time.  

Some of the Rosie and Jim style boats at the canal

Our boat :D

Media City, Salford

Media City

Salford Quays 

There was so much amazing graffiti on the walls we passed as well, but it was all on the other side of the boat so couldn't get any proper pics.

Fiz, M-dawg, Tee, Jay and I went out for a meal in Liverpool in the evening also.
We ventured to East Z East, which was right next to the Liverpool eye and by the docks, so the atmosphere and setting was beautiful!

The food was yummy too but the next day my tummy felt terrible and I was quite poorly.  Not sure if it was the food or just me.

Today me and the mum went to watch Chicago in the theatre.  We went to lunch before as well and had a lovely day :D

Chicago was raunchier than I expected it to be actually! But the songs where great and the dancers/singers/actors/actresses where brilliant and they sang my favourite 'Mr Cellophane'!! :D

Hope you guys have had or are having a good weekend.
Don't forget to put the clocks forward tonight!!



  1. Having less free time usually means you actually get more done because you can't put it off. Though you are working crazy hours there.

    1. Tell me about it! My weekends consists of me sleeping, sleeping, doing some uni work, then more sleeping!

  2. Omg this post is awesome, you had me at the first two cartoons

  3. A boat cruise with a meal sounds delightful. I did that at night in San Francisco Bay sometime around ~1996 on a business trip. Years later that was what made me realize that while neither my wife or myself had been to the infamous Alcatraz Island, I had made it a little closer than her.

    1. Oh it was delightful. I bet your cruise in San Diego was beautiful! I've always wanted to go there. Is there a prison or something on alcatraz island? Or am I just iced up?

  4. Those are some great looking pics, and beware ...the sock monkeys are watching you!

  5. Oh man, I know what you mean. My Spring Break went by so fast... ><

    1. It's annoying isn't it? Can't wait till I graduate!

  6. Bravo for having the courage to talk about poo. Listen, we all do it, and sometimes things get messed up. When your poo schedule is messed up, it can cause physical and mental discomfort. I feel so dirty now.

    1. I could swear I was having a mini stroke one afternoon, I could feel pain down the left side of my face. It's either due to me not pooping when I need to or that I'm incredibly unhealthy for a 22 year old. Probably both

  7. Aysh,
    The first two photos are so funny!!Especially the first one is for me.
    But, what shall I do if Mayan calendar is true. I will eat sweets as much as I want.

    1. I like your attitude!! I will join you and eat as many sweeties as I can :D

  8. I could give you such great advice on pooping... oh we could probably talk for hours about that. I did have some advice for you...except I guess I didn't factor in your fear of public toilets. I was gonna say...get to work early...then when you are waiting for your day to begin go to the bathroom, with a cup of coffee, and do your business. Ok, I guess that is too much information as it is (and won't help you on account of your fear of public restrooms anywho).

    I certainly wouldn't want to be around when the world ends. Life is tough enough now. You know when the world ends...everyone is going to be practically killing each other to get the last bag of Doritoes so they don't starve to death...and things like that... Usually I just give in...if someone wants my bag of Doritoes that bad I will just give it to them. So, I would not last very long in such a dog eat dog environment. It is probably due to the modern day comforts of Western civilization, that I have even managed to survive in the world this long......

    1. It's not really a fear, like a phobia, I just think they're not as clean as comfortable as my own toilet, plus there is no toilet paper a lot of the time :(
      BUT I am happy to taky ANY advice you have on public pooping! share your wisdom with me :D

      I agree with you on the apocalypse thing, the worlds a pretty scary place at the moment, don't want to imagine it any worse!!

  9. Good post; I would write more but some fool insisted I move all the clocks, and I did. But apparently they did not mean hide then in the garden, so have to go and get them again ..... ..... ...... ...... Well if they had explained what they meant on the first Place.

    Manchester Sunshine always meant something different in the old days.

    1. Oh you mischievous boy, moving all the clocks ;)

      Hey, Manchester Sunshine still means what you think it means now.

  10. That's hilarious that you have a poop schedule laid out but I agree. I will try my hardest never to poop in a public washroom. I've waited over 24 hours once in my stubbornness.

    1. Hey I can't help it if my bowel movements are organised :P

      I salute you for your 24 hour hold out!

  11. What a great post & how adventuress you are, the cruise with lunch, chicago etc etc wow all sounds fun and love the pictures too. good that u are courageous to share your experiences on poop and public places, if i am desperate i will go...the old bladders getting weaker now lol! I agree with you, time sure fl;ies too made me smile with your post...thank u...fantastic!

  12. Awesome pictures. I too have realized that I put on more weight over the winter than I like. Just like most men, when it comes to bodily functions, I can go anytime anywhere LoL

    1. Thank you :D
      If push really does come to shove, then i'll go! But if i can help it I wait till I'm at home!