Thursday, 28 June 2012

Mobile blogging

Ok, I don't know how it's taken me do long to realise there's a blogger app!! So I can blog from my phone, Genius!

The main reason I blog so infrequently Is cuz I'm out so often, and when at home I have to wait for the computer to be free. Well not anymore! :D

Hopefully this will help me keep more frequent with ze blogging ;)


There are not enough hours in the day

My older friends who are working or married told me that once university was over, I would miss it.  I would miss reading journal articles, I would miss the stress that comes along with revising for exams and writing assignments and dissertations.

And so far, I have to say....

I love being able to have a lie-in, and roll out of bed when I want :)
And if I'm completely honest, I've been too busy to really sit at home all day and appreciate my time off!

I've been going back and forth to Liverpool to sort out stuff for my job there which starts in sept, I've had my uni friends come over to manc, and then last week I caught the train to Sheffield to see them (Sheffield is like middle ground for us all to meet).
I've never really been to Sheffield, but people told me it was a crappy place to go really.
I have to disagree, I like it! Outside the train station there's this really nice, big water fountain thingy, and the city centre was pretty nice!
I didn't go to meadow hall though, which is supposed to be the main shopping centre.

Then me and my mum went to London to see 'Wicked' at the Victoria Apollo theatre, and we generally spent the day being little tourists and going around london! I absolutely adore London, and will dedicate a whole blog post on my little London adventure in a few days :)

But yes, Wicked is definitely worth watching! I think Phantom of the Opera is still my favourite show I've seen so far, but Wicked is 2nd :D
It's basically about the wicked witch of the west, and explains how she became known as the wicked witch, when really, she's a misunderstood activist, but I'll explain more in the next post.
If anyone's seen wicked, how did you find it? And are there any other shows you'd recommend watching in the west end?

We're thinking of going back to London for a weekend to watch Les Miserables, so if anyone has seen it let me know how it was!

Then the day after that, I went to my good friend Anum's big brothers wedding.
But the only thing was, there was no bride!!
It's the first wedding I've ever been to where there is no bride! Basically, the bride is from Italy, and the family went over to do the Nikkah, which is the islamic marriage, and then bring her over to celebrate on the Walima, which is the wedding day hosted by the grooms side.  But something went wrong with her passport or visa or something? I don't know.
SO to put a good spin on a bad situation, the groom walked in with his cousins and his close guy friends, with all of them (apart from the groom of course) wearing a mask with the brides face on! It was still an enjoyable wedding, just a bit unorthodox!

And then the day after that, we did a little tea party thing for my mate sam.  It was a chance for all her nearest and dearest to sit down and relax together before her big day, as it's extremely hard for everyone to see each other all the time since some of her friends where coming down from sheffield, coventry etc.

We went to this little tea place in Manchester city centre called 'Sugar Junction'.  It's a vintage themed tea room/cafe, that does lovely stuff! So we got tea and scone and other desserts and had a good laugh!

nom noms!

Then the day after that Me and Sam went out with our college friend, Aneeza, who we hadn't seen in, like, 2 years! So it was lovely catching up and reconnecting with her :)

SO it's been a pretty busy time for me as of late! And it's only getting busier! Sam's getting married next sat, so we need to practice dances for her Mehndi (henna party thing), and then usually the week before the wedding, there are these things called 'Dholkis', where girls and ladies get together and have a sing song to traditional punjabi weddingy songs, have a little dance, eat, of course! and just generally be merry! And that's usually done every evening in the  week leading up to the wedding so I have that to prepare for :D

And next thursday is my darling Zee's birthday :) (remember her from this post?). I've got her a lovely bag for her birthday and can't wait to see her to give it to her!

ohh I almost forgot! The dress!

It's a peach maxi dressy kind of thing, and keep in mind, it will look so much better when it's on!

Anyhoo that's what i've been up to!
You guys been up to much?


Monday, 18 June 2012

The fair maiden, and her not so fair crack

A few days ago, I was having a little twitter catch up with my college chums Shak and Jav.
Shak admitted to being a secret follower of my blog, so HIYA MATE :D

Shak was blessed enough to sit next to me during our Chemistry classes in 2nd year.  Me, Shak and Sam (the one who's getting married next month) sat with each other, and we had a good laugh together.

I'm pretty sure I was successful in tricking Shak into believing I was good at Chemistry (I was terrible).  But anyway, having a little twitter chat reminded me of Shak's first love in life, the fair maiden, who for the sake of anonymity, we shall call pinky.

So In chemistry, we sat on stools as the desks were these high bench-desky desks, so whenever we did a practical or experiment, we could safely tuck our chairs under the desk, in case one of us massively fudged everything up and we had to run out of the room screaming, without having to worry about tripping up over stools.

As we all know, sitting on a stool is not the same as sitting on a chair.  You don;t really have the back support, so you either sit really, really straight, like you have amazing posture and have been to a refined high school where they taught you the highest manners (when really your back is just killing you from slouching too much), or you lean forward on the desk, forcing your rear to stick out in the most unflattering position.

So, unfortunately for our Shakky, directly in his line of vision sat our darling pinky, the heroine of this story.  She was a constant sloucher, as in she always leant forward onto the desk so she was slouching, and her bottom was hanging a bit off of the back of the stool.  But the best bit of this whole thing was, that the girl never wore a belt with her jeans, like, never!
SO her jeans were always just that little bit tooooooo low.  You know that kind of low that some boys do on purpose so you can see their underpanties? Like, that kind of low.
Except, she never wore high underpants!!! I dunno what kind of undies she wore, but allllll you could see was that exposed part between her lower back, and upper bum, so basically,

I think she was notorious for this, as I'm sure i heard other people from some of her other classes talk about how comfortable she is with showing her crack to everyone.

Shak never complained about this situation.  Pinky's crack was the equivalent to what a beautiful sunset over the hills of some tranquil village would be for the likes of you et moi.

I joke! Shak will be calling me all sorts if he let me, let you, believe that he was pinky's crack admirer.  He hated that bloody view. But he must've some done something bad previously for the universe to want to repay him his karmic dues like that!

A few times, we did contemplate telling her that her bum bum was on show, but we were worried that she did know what she was doing, and she would just say 'er...yeah, and?',
or that we would embarrass her by telling her that we had become more acquainted with her arse than with her actual self, so we basically did the brave thing.....and said nothing!

so the moral of the story here is......WEAR A BELT WITH YOUR JEANS IF THEY'RE RIDING A BIT LOW!

In other news

I'm trying to sort out a little hen do for my lovely Sam, as there's not long left till she gets married! This is proving more difficult then I originally imagined as everyones so busyyy and one our college friends is leaving to do some medical placement in thailand (exciting!) at the end of june! 

But some kind of plan will fall together in the end, I hope!

I got my dress for Sams wedding back from the tailor the other day! it's superrr pretty, and if I can manage to take a semi-decent pic, I'll put it up
(I don't care if you're not really arsed about seeing it, I'm gunna do it anyway! :D)

But I'm not looking forward to the pictures on the wedding day :/
for some reason, I don't photograph well with professional photographers.  Maybe is due the the quality and clarity of their can see EVERYTHING that's wrong with my face.  I do much prefer the old school, low megapixel camera that was on one of my old nokias, that made me look absolutely amazing, as most of the picture was blurry :P

story of my life


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

brain implosion

Something happened last week that made me very, very upset. 

I'm not gunna blog about it, simply cuz I don't have the physical or mental energy to articulate it in a way that would be logical or make sense.

But my head just feels really, reallllyyy heavy.  Like when there's just too much information in your brain.  But my head capacity isn't big enough to contain it all.  Stupid small head. 

I've had a few things to cheer me up and take my mind of it though.  I went to one of the best mehndi's (henna party thing) on saturday, and had a lovely catch up with Z and our friend Ruth on monday, so my spirits were lifted a little. 

But I'm still in a funk.
I'm in one of these kinds of moods;

Hope you lot are having a better week!


Saturday, 9 June 2012

Man drought in Australia

I was listening to the news on the radio sometime last week, which mentioned briefly that there was a serious 'man drought' in Australian cities like Sydney and Perth!
I don't remember the exact figures, but there is something like 80,000 men to 1.5million women in the major cities, so there is a major imbalance with genders!

Maybe man hunting will become some kind of sport in these places? Like a twisted 'Hunger Games' scenario where women have to fight each other for a man!!

I just re-read the above paragraph, and realised how stupid that would be if it actually became reality. 

This article called 'First comes a sheila shortage, then the man drought cuts in' by Bernard Salt basically explains that this massive gender imbalance is basically due to the fact that between 18-34, the ratio of men to women differs significantly.  Between the ages of 18-25, there are more women than men.  So basically, ladies have their pick of blokes to choose from, but then it all changes for ladies who are older in age, where there are more men to women!

Another article on this topic;'Australian's single city women forced to look for love in the country' basically explains that as Australia is such a sparsely populated area, the smallest shift in population can have a massive after effect in that place.  So typically girls from the country move to the city to find work after they've finished studying, resulting in a lack of single ladies for the country lads to choose from when it comes time for them to settle down, and too many ladies for the city blokes to handle!

So to resolve this, weekend tours named 'thank goodness he's a country boy' have been created! It's an 8 hour intensive speed dating thingy, where lonely farmers and introduced to single girls.

Both of the articles are worth a read, they're pretty short and sweet!  

This got me to thinking.  If you find yourself in one of these places where a 'man drought' is  imminent, then here are some helpful tips to help you nab the man of your dreams....or, actually, just any man!

TIP 1:
Thanks to the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Nikki Minaj, having ridiculous coloured hair is the norm nowadays.  
From 'touch me and you'll burst into flames' Red, to 'Rancid Swamp' Green.
How about standing out from the crowd by having a normal, regular haircut and colour. 

TIP 2:
A common dating tip is to get yourself out their ladies, and broaden your horizons by taking up a new hobby, like cookery classes, or some type of sports.
Don't fancy sweating profusely and embarresing yourself infront of a potential victim, err, man? How about taking up a more obscure hobby, like fishing, or bird watching? 
I know what you're thinking, the type of man that pursues such hobbies is potentially your grandfather/ a serial killer, but remember ladies;

'Beggers can't be choosers!'

TIP 3:
How about a happy accident?
Are you the type of lady who secretly hopes that you'll meet the love of your life in some coincidental, silly-yet-charming accident?  Well then go ahead and make that 'accident' an accidentally-on-purpose scenario, you deluded rom-com junkie!

If in the supermarket, and you spot another victim, damn it, I mean MAN, then try 'accidentally' dropping an item in front of him, or bumping your trolly into his, as if by mistake, as you were too bust checking if the item you were buying is completely organic and fair-trade as you are totally into all that kind of stuff *rolls eyes*
You'll be sure to grab his attention this way, and there's a chance he'll find your clumsiness endearing, or a chance that he'll be under the impression that you have the co-ordination skills of a toddler.  Win Win situation is that, I say!

Just avoid doing this in the baking isle.  You don't want to drop a bag of flour and have it splatter all over you, making you look like a massive coke fiend.
Unless of course you're trying to pull Tony Montana....

Looks like someone had an accident in the baking isle! Clumsy Tony, what are you like!? Unless...Oh, wait....

    Good luck to all the Sheila's out there!


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Stop trolling, you trollers!

Why are trolls making fun of Rebecca Adlington!?

I really can not get my head around it.
She is one of the finest athletes Britain has ever produced, and people feel the need to say horrible things about her personal appearance for no apparent reason.

Miss Adlington

It's not even like she has a crappy personality, or is annoyingly arrogant or anything, so I really don't understand why people feel the need to say hurtful things about her physical appearance via twitter and other social mediums.

A lot of online news has covered the fact that Rebecca has publicly spoken about trolls dissing her online, especially via twitter, and has outed a few of the weirdos who tweeted things about her (Read more here)

But it's always the case, isn't it?
People suddenly have this new-found confidence to say things when they are behind a computer screen or mobile phone.  Problem is, half of these douche bag trollers would not even dare to say half of the horrible stuff they say online to the person in real life! 

So some advise to you weird trollers out there, as my mum used to say to us;

 "If you don't having anything good to say, don't say anything at all"

Rant over! 

Here's an example of how amazing this swimmer actually is;

Rebeccas Major Events Medal Table
Info taken from:

In Other News

I've added another page to my blog (on the top of this post), which is basically a list of things I hope to do throughout my life.
Keep checking it out to see if I cross any of off my list any time soon!

take a looky:

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee n ting

It's the Queens diamond jubilee! Or it was the queens diamond jubilee yesterday? I'm not quite sure, and to be honest, I'm not really that bothered.

No disrespect to the Queen, I've just never appreciated the idea of any monarchy in any country.  The idea that someone is better than someone else through birth and because you belong to a particular family is just arrogant and idiotic to me, Especially  in countries like Saudi Arabia and other places where kingdoms were only introduced recently (like 60 years ago).

The idea of being so ridiculously rich that you can pretty much buy yourself the title of King or Queen is bizarre to me!

Queen Elizabeth the second, back in her 'pulling' days.

But anyway, the queen is celebrating her 60th year on the throne!
Even though I don't really appreciate a monarchy, I've gotta say it's pretty cool that Queen Elizabeth has been ruling for 60 years! And it's even more impressive since the last monarch to celebrate their diamond jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1887!

And I suppose even though the Queen's job is to pretty much chill 24/7, she's the main reason our dull, damp country gets any tourists!

So yeah, well done Queeny!

Did you guys do anything to celebrate the jubilee?
I caught a little bit on TV, and it was so bloody boring!
It was just the Queen and her fam standing at the Thames, waving at people sailing past her from all over the country.  I think It's really sweet people travelled all that way in boat to see her, especially since the weather was so crap, but it was a yawn-fest.

I was wondering if a blogger out there has celebrated their 60th year of blogging....
but then I thought that's pretty impossible, since the internet hasn't really been accessible to everyone for that long really, has it?!

Ahhh well,
here's to a long life of blogging folks! Let's see if I can make it to 60 years of blogging :O