Thursday, 28 June 2012

There are not enough hours in the day

My older friends who are working or married told me that once university was over, I would miss it.  I would miss reading journal articles, I would miss the stress that comes along with revising for exams and writing assignments and dissertations.

And so far, I have to say....

I love being able to have a lie-in, and roll out of bed when I want :)
And if I'm completely honest, I've been too busy to really sit at home all day and appreciate my time off!

I've been going back and forth to Liverpool to sort out stuff for my job there which starts in sept, I've had my uni friends come over to manc, and then last week I caught the train to Sheffield to see them (Sheffield is like middle ground for us all to meet).
I've never really been to Sheffield, but people told me it was a crappy place to go really.
I have to disagree, I like it! Outside the train station there's this really nice, big water fountain thingy, and the city centre was pretty nice!
I didn't go to meadow hall though, which is supposed to be the main shopping centre.

Then me and my mum went to London to see 'Wicked' at the Victoria Apollo theatre, and we generally spent the day being little tourists and going around london! I absolutely adore London, and will dedicate a whole blog post on my little London adventure in a few days :)

But yes, Wicked is definitely worth watching! I think Phantom of the Opera is still my favourite show I've seen so far, but Wicked is 2nd :D
It's basically about the wicked witch of the west, and explains how she became known as the wicked witch, when really, she's a misunderstood activist, but I'll explain more in the next post.
If anyone's seen wicked, how did you find it? And are there any other shows you'd recommend watching in the west end?

We're thinking of going back to London for a weekend to watch Les Miserables, so if anyone has seen it let me know how it was!

Then the day after that, I went to my good friend Anum's big brothers wedding.
But the only thing was, there was no bride!!
It's the first wedding I've ever been to where there is no bride! Basically, the bride is from Italy, and the family went over to do the Nikkah, which is the islamic marriage, and then bring her over to celebrate on the Walima, which is the wedding day hosted by the grooms side.  But something went wrong with her passport or visa or something? I don't know.
SO to put a good spin on a bad situation, the groom walked in with his cousins and his close guy friends, with all of them (apart from the groom of course) wearing a mask with the brides face on! It was still an enjoyable wedding, just a bit unorthodox!

And then the day after that, we did a little tea party thing for my mate sam.  It was a chance for all her nearest and dearest to sit down and relax together before her big day, as it's extremely hard for everyone to see each other all the time since some of her friends where coming down from sheffield, coventry etc.

We went to this little tea place in Manchester city centre called 'Sugar Junction'.  It's a vintage themed tea room/cafe, that does lovely stuff! So we got tea and scone and other desserts and had a good laugh!

nom noms!

Then the day after that Me and Sam went out with our college friend, Aneeza, who we hadn't seen in, like, 2 years! So it was lovely catching up and reconnecting with her :)

SO it's been a pretty busy time for me as of late! And it's only getting busier! Sam's getting married next sat, so we need to practice dances for her Mehndi (henna party thing), and then usually the week before the wedding, there are these things called 'Dholkis', where girls and ladies get together and have a sing song to traditional punjabi weddingy songs, have a little dance, eat, of course! and just generally be merry! And that's usually done every evening in the  week leading up to the wedding so I have that to prepare for :D

And next thursday is my darling Zee's birthday :) (remember her from this post?). I've got her a lovely bag for her birthday and can't wait to see her to give it to her!

ohh I almost forgot! The dress!

It's a peach maxi dressy kind of thing, and keep in mind, it will look so much better when it's on!

Anyhoo that's what i've been up to!
You guys been up to much?



  1. Oooh I love the dress :) It sounds like you have been a rather busy little bee, and a wedding without a bride is quite odd, unless it's a gay wedding :) If you weren't so busy though you would miss uni. Everyone I know who's finishing courses and school and everything is finding themselves with way to much time now, but not you :)

    1. Aww thank you :D

      I knowww I'm so busy it's unbelievable!! My next two weeks are pretty busy too :(

  2. That wedding sounds like something I would have loved to have been a part of. Very creative. Maybe when, I mean IF, I get married, I will have the groom stay away, and everyone else will wear a picture of him pasted on their faces.

    I didn't miss college until two years went by. But then I think about it, really think about it, and I am glad it's over. I had a full schedule, worked two jobs, and made time for friends by hanging out with them after 1am. It was miserable. I was always dealing with anxiety and exhaustion.

    1. i would love to get married, without getting married. Like have a wedding ceremony, get loads of gifts, wear a fancy dress and look pretty, then just go home and watch re runs of cow and chicken in my wedding dress with some ben and jerrys, minus the husband :D

  3. Ooooh u r a jet setter....Liverpool, Sheffield & London WOW! I love Theatre productions too! aww love the Maxi & the colour is vibrant...enjoy the wedding! OMG those cakes look fab @ the Tea party! n ur frinds Bday enjoy & the pressy sounds nice....u have been busy .... Enjoy yourself hun, u deserve it X

    1. Aww thank you! I am enjoying my break after all the hard uni work!

  4. Just you wait till you start working. Uni is going to seem like a distant dream.

    1. I know, but at the moment I can't wait to work as I need the money so bad!

  5. I totally agree with there being "not enough hours in the day". I started two new part-time college teaching jobs and a part-time university course in August, and I've got no time any more. the course and the two jobs only add up to about 30 hours per week, but travelling to and from each of three locations and the prep and other work for each means that the rest of my life seems to have been put on hold.
    I used to be able to sew (and blog on my sewing blog) a couple of times a week, but there's been a gap of months in my blog and no sewing at all either as I explain in my latest blog post (
    I love teaching and I've been trying to get on this course for years, but...