Thursday, 7 June 2012

Stop trolling, you trollers!

Why are trolls making fun of Rebecca Adlington!?

I really can not get my head around it.
She is one of the finest athletes Britain has ever produced, and people feel the need to say horrible things about her personal appearance for no apparent reason.

Miss Adlington

It's not even like she has a crappy personality, or is annoyingly arrogant or anything, so I really don't understand why people feel the need to say hurtful things about her physical appearance via twitter and other social mediums.

A lot of online news has covered the fact that Rebecca has publicly spoken about trolls dissing her online, especially via twitter, and has outed a few of the weirdos who tweeted things about her (Read more here)

But it's always the case, isn't it?
People suddenly have this new-found confidence to say things when they are behind a computer screen or mobile phone.  Problem is, half of these douche bag trollers would not even dare to say half of the horrible stuff they say online to the person in real life! 

So some advise to you weird trollers out there, as my mum used to say to us;

 "If you don't having anything good to say, don't say anything at all"

Rant over! 

Here's an example of how amazing this swimmer actually is;

Rebeccas Major Events Medal Table
Info taken from:

In Other News

I've added another page to my blog (on the top of this post), which is basically a list of things I hope to do throughout my life.
Keep checking it out to see if I cross any of off my list any time soon!

take a looky:


  1. I don't troll the nice lady, and I've not seen any examples of it, but I still love the dirty jokes about her. I'm sorry but they're funny. I don't see why you have to say hurtful things about her though. She's a great role model, she did fantastic in the olympics, and she's pretty as a peach.

    1. A jokes a joke, but when you start getting personal and dissing someones appearance for no reason it's a bit mean :(
      And yes she is a great role model :)

  2. Another example of infantile puerile behaviour by people who have a total disregard for anyone apart from themselves. Rebecca Adlington is a lovely talented young woman making the best of her ability in the swimming pool and being well rewarded for it, as seen in her career medal table. Another excellent blog there Aysh, about a subject that needs to be highlighted more. Trolling is out of order, as is bullying, racism and the like. Well done.

    1. I know it's terrible! I don't understand why some people suddenly become so brave when they're behind a computer screen and say things they never would usually say to someones face!

  3. I've never heard of her but people can be so rude online... it's amazing. Not even just trolls! Somehow people feel that the basic rules of politeness, which they practice in daily life, doesn't apply to the Internet. On my way to check out your list!

    1. I know it's bizarre how that works!

  4. People can be so cruel. I often visit this site called fat, ugly, or slutty. Female gamers post messages men send to them through xbox live, and they are not nice. Every time a stranger attacks another stranger, they resort to insult their appearance.

    1. :O How disgusting! It's down right rude and disrespectful!

  5. I agree only say something good or do not speak.....there is no need to be bad mouthing an individual & insulting them...there is too much negativity in this world!