Monday, 18 June 2012

The fair maiden, and her not so fair crack

A few days ago, I was having a little twitter catch up with my college chums Shak and Jav.
Shak admitted to being a secret follower of my blog, so HIYA MATE :D

Shak was blessed enough to sit next to me during our Chemistry classes in 2nd year.  Me, Shak and Sam (the one who's getting married next month) sat with each other, and we had a good laugh together.

I'm pretty sure I was successful in tricking Shak into believing I was good at Chemistry (I was terrible).  But anyway, having a little twitter chat reminded me of Shak's first love in life, the fair maiden, who for the sake of anonymity, we shall call pinky.

So In chemistry, we sat on stools as the desks were these high bench-desky desks, so whenever we did a practical or experiment, we could safely tuck our chairs under the desk, in case one of us massively fudged everything up and we had to run out of the room screaming, without having to worry about tripping up over stools.

As we all know, sitting on a stool is not the same as sitting on a chair.  You don;t really have the back support, so you either sit really, really straight, like you have amazing posture and have been to a refined high school where they taught you the highest manners (when really your back is just killing you from slouching too much), or you lean forward on the desk, forcing your rear to stick out in the most unflattering position.

So, unfortunately for our Shakky, directly in his line of vision sat our darling pinky, the heroine of this story.  She was a constant sloucher, as in she always leant forward onto the desk so she was slouching, and her bottom was hanging a bit off of the back of the stool.  But the best bit of this whole thing was, that the girl never wore a belt with her jeans, like, never!
SO her jeans were always just that little bit tooooooo low.  You know that kind of low that some boys do on purpose so you can see their underpanties? Like, that kind of low.
Except, she never wore high underpants!!! I dunno what kind of undies she wore, but allllll you could see was that exposed part between her lower back, and upper bum, so basically,

I think she was notorious for this, as I'm sure i heard other people from some of her other classes talk about how comfortable she is with showing her crack to everyone.

Shak never complained about this situation.  Pinky's crack was the equivalent to what a beautiful sunset over the hills of some tranquil village would be for the likes of you et moi.

I joke! Shak will be calling me all sorts if he let me, let you, believe that he was pinky's crack admirer.  He hated that bloody view. But he must've some done something bad previously for the universe to want to repay him his karmic dues like that!

A few times, we did contemplate telling her that her bum bum was on show, but we were worried that she did know what she was doing, and she would just say 'er...yeah, and?',
or that we would embarrass her by telling her that we had become more acquainted with her arse than with her actual self, so we basically did the brave thing.....and said nothing!

so the moral of the story here is......WEAR A BELT WITH YOUR JEANS IF THEY'RE RIDING A BIT LOW!

In other news

I'm trying to sort out a little hen do for my lovely Sam, as there's not long left till she gets married! This is proving more difficult then I originally imagined as everyones so busyyy and one our college friends is leaving to do some medical placement in thailand (exciting!) at the end of june! 

But some kind of plan will fall together in the end, I hope!

I got my dress for Sams wedding back from the tailor the other day! it's superrr pretty, and if I can manage to take a semi-decent pic, I'll put it up
(I don't care if you're not really arsed about seeing it, I'm gunna do it anyway! :D)

But I'm not looking forward to the pictures on the wedding day :/
for some reason, I don't photograph well with professional photographers.  Maybe is due the the quality and clarity of their can see EVERYTHING that's wrong with my face.  I do much prefer the old school, low megapixel camera that was on one of my old nokias, that made me look absolutely amazing, as most of the picture was blurry :P

story of my life



  1. I remember those benches in science class and every girl in my school was like that. Most of the lads to really. I was very self conscious about it though and always pulled my jumper down or my trousers up. Still, when you're a hormonal teenager you can't help but look. Oddly enough I still did pretty good at science. It probably helped that for the most part I was sat on the front row.

    Good luck sorting out the hen night :) I want to see the dress personally :)

    1. I was very conscious too and did the same thing as you!

  2. Haha... there's no way she didn't know her butt crack was on display - I think you chose wisely in not pointing it out to her ;-)... If you had pointed it out - it would have only confirmed her attention seeking success lol.

    Definitely want to see the dress!

    1. i know! i thought the same thing so avoided it :D

  3. Hmmph... no one I know reads my blog. Although considering the circumstances from which I know many of these people, perhaps most of them are illiterate. Anyway, if Pinky reads your blog, she now is aware of her butt crack problem (if she wasn't doing it on purpose).

    1. I doubt pinky will read it, and even if she does, her names not pinky, so she might not figure out it's her :D although she'll probably know cuz it's not like she hid the fact!

  4. That's me! I never wear a belt because I wear tight pants, so there is no need, but tight pants have a way of sliding down when you sit. At first, it really bothered me, and I would get embarrassed. Now, after many years of wearings pants that cut off blood flow, I show the crack with no shame.

    1. haha! I'll let you off for showing your butt crack, but only cuz I envisage you have an aesthetically pleasing one (In a non perverted way. Please don't sue me for cyber harassment)

  5. oooh a wedding how exciting, i love to see what the bride is wearing, enjoy
    your blog just made me think about the good ole days at school....good times!

  6. At first I thought you meant crack as in, crack cocaine. It didn't help that you called Pinky a heroin.

    I think you mean heroine. :P

    1. My goodness yes I do mean heroine!! I will change that pronto :D

  7. Yeah... people really need to learn to pull up their pants.