Monday, 26 December 2011

Paul Anka

You know that feeling when you hear a song you completely forgot about and you used to love? i LOVES that feeling.  I was cleaning out some drawers in my room and discovered my ancient MP3 player from when I was in high school, and re-discovered one of best singers ever....PAUL ANKA :D

Those of you who know who Paul Anka is are probably confused as to why I was listening to him when I was in high school, but I've just always preferred old school music, tis much better than what's out now I reckon!  But it was his album 'Rock Swings' that I fell in love with.  Every cover and had a unique twist on the originals.

My music taste has always been a little bit different than most of my friends, who usually skip through most of the songs on my CDs in my car! But yes, old is gold :D 

As a 21 year old it, you'd probably expect me to be insane over Lady gaga or Rihanna, but quite frankly I'm a bit bored of gaga, and comment....

And I also chuckled over how my old MP3 player could only fit 12 songs on it, and I considered it the best thing in the world back then! (It was an upgrade from my chunky CD player!).  that was only in 2005.  7 years on and you'd be considered a joke for having an MP3 player that could only hold 12 songs!  The wonders of technology........

Light a cigar* and enjoy some Paul Anka;

*(Don't really, smoking kills.....duh)  


  1. Sometimes I go through too long of time periods of no music. Sometimes all I want is as much silence as I can get in a day. At the moment it is fairly filled with music, at the moment I am in the middle of Coldplay-ing.

  2. I enjoy a wide variety of music & enjoy relaxing listening to music, thnxxx 4 introducing paul Anka, didn't really listen to anything of his before!

  3. Esbboston- Music is my weakness, i don't think i could live without it! I never say this out loud as i'm scared my friends would disown me, but I'm not really liking Coldplays music now as much as their older albums, not enough for me to want to listen to it anyway!

    Flower Power-I'm the same, love a variety :D Your welcome, enjoy him, he's brilliant!