Sunday, 25 December 2011

A quick Christmas reminder.....

Yesterday my cousin hosted a little Christmas dinner for us, and it was amazing! She was the perfect host, and I got some lovely little pressies :)

 My cousins lovely place setting and Winnie the Pooh snow globe from M-dawg!

So today it's Christmas whoop whoop! I hope those who celebrate have lots of yummy food and get all that they wished for and have a lovely day (and feel free to post me something nice, my address is available upon request ;D)  My xmas evening will be spent at my neighbours mehndi, which should be lovely!

But I read an article about the horrible news in Nigeria, where churches where bombed today! (you can read it from: 
No one has been identified as the culprits of this disrespectful attack, but whoever is behind it needs to understand that;

'He who kills a soul unless it be (in legal punishment) for murder or for causing disorder and corruption on the earth will be as if he had killed all humankind; and he who saves a life will be as if he had saved the lives of all humankind (Qur'an 5:32)'

So there really is no justification for this terrible act.

I pray for those who have been killed and for their families, and pray that they have patience through this tragedy.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Christmas holiday, and a peaceful life in general


  1. What!? My goodness. Next you'll be telling me that Eeyore needs anti-depressants. Mad world!

  2. I love the poo bear snow globe! so cute!