Sunday, 8 January 2012

Your hat looks ridiculous.......I MUST HAVE IT!

So I've know Liz since I was like 14 or something.  We went to the same high school and college, but she decided to abandon me in university, and left to study the art of directing in California (cool right!?).  I look out for her in episodes of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' incase she comes punches one of them in the throat.

Any who, me and Liz pretty much bonded instantly (well, not instantly, she kinda BLANKED me when i first spoke to her....more about this later).
You know when you just click with someone?  Well me and Liz just clicked.  I think our relationship blossomed primarily because we both have warped imaginations, and are just as silly as each other.

So as Liz studies in the states she usually comes back to Manchester for the holidays, and if she gets a chance, she squeezes me into her oh so busy schedule :)
So Liz and I share a mutual love for Sherlock Holmes, which began in our English classes when we read 'Hound of the Baskervilles'.  Now I don't know whether it was because of the book, or because of the way our long limbed, slightly hunched, white haired and intelligent spectacles wearing teacher Mr Watson would read excerpts from it.  He would read it like it was an epic Shakespearean play (but to be honest, that's the way he read everything...and spoke, come to think of it!).  And another thing that was lovely/creepy about him was that he NEVER made eye contact with the class....ever.  I don't think it's cuz he was shy or anything.  Maybe he just despised us so much that he couldn't even bring himself to look at us.

So me and Liz decided to imitate the morphine loving, occasional cocaine abusing Holmes and Watson (just to clarify in case my mother is reading, we didn't actually take morphine or coke, I just find it funny that the respected Holmes took drugs recreationally!)
Naturally, I took on the role of the genius, socially inept Holmes, and assigned Liz as the lovely, limpy Watson.  Liz was not happy with this, and so sometimes with her deluded thoughts states that she is in fact Sherlock.  A few christmases ago, I felt sorry for liz, so I got her a Sherlock hat and pipe to make her happy (although this was a mistake, as it further deepened her insane belief that SHE was Holmes, and i was Watson.....)

Ghost Sherlock: Liz brought the hat and pipe to wear during the movie :D

But it has become our tradition to see Guy Ritchies adaptation of Sherlock Holmes together, so we went to watch the sequel together and had a lovely lunch after as well.   During lunch, we came up with an amazing movie idea, titled 'Mouse Trap Euthanasia'.  As you can tell from the title, it will be a romantic comedy about and old lady who wants to die (not in a depressing way, she's just really really old and a bit fed up).  It's kinda based on a true story........
watch this space for the movie anyway.    

So to conclude this loving post dedicated to Liz, here's the story of our first 'conversation' (you'll see why it's in inverted commas...)

School has finished and everyones waiting outside for their buses/lifts home etc.  I spot the new girl, Liz, standing on one side by herself.  I walk up to her, thinking that a bit of small talk with the new girl couldn't hurt anyone:

Me: Hiya!

Liz: Blank stare.......

Me: Erm... How was you're first day? This schools not to bad eh?

Liz: *awkward expression like 'why is she talking to me?'*

Awkard eye contact and looking around for a few seconds (which felt like eternity) from both of us.

Me: *walks away slowly*


There you go Liz, that can be your directorial debut, the scene when we first met!
Liz says she was shy, I say she was stush.  Either way, I loves her and look forward to seeing her work when she's a big shot director making 'Rocky XII: Rise from the grave for a final crappy fight'


P.S.  Watch season 2 of 'Sherlock', the BBCs modern version of the classic detective :D (and season 1 if you haven't)  It's so bloody good.


  1. some people you do click with straight away and they are friends for life! cool blog I enjoy reading them

  2. Good friends are hard to find....your lucky u have good friends to share your common interests with & to reminisce about the good ole school days & the teachers & school mates theory is Good friends are like stars.... You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

  3. p.s. how was the film? do you recomend its worth watching?

  4. Loved the movie; love the TV series.

    Also loved reading about your first encounter with Liz - you know I'm a sucker for an awkward situation!

    GM x

  5. Baz- Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them.

    Flower Power- True say, I'm blessed with many lovely friends, Thank God! Film is very good. I thought it was better than the first but others have disagreed with me!

    GM- Girl I knows you love you some awkwardness!