Monday, 27 February 2012


So on Saturday I went over to my good friend Z's house in Bradford.
Now I love going to Z's house for many reasons, some of which are:

-Her amazing family.  Her husband and 3 boys are honestly the loveliest family I've ever known!
-Her entertaining self- she is very funny and very wise, and always knows all the right things to say :D
-Now the main reason...her cooking! Oh my DAYS this woman knows how to cook! (Don't be angry Z, that's not the main reason...heh.heh....)

Many times I (and numerous other people) have told Z that she needs to make a cook book and get it published, cuz seriously, she's amazing.

But anyway when I went over I took these chocolates over as it was two of her sons b-days in Jan and Feb so I took these along as belated birthday presents;
Ninja chocolate!
I got these from this bakery/chocolate shop near our house called Slatteries, they do the most AMAZING novelty cakes and wedding cakes etc.

Now Z and her family all do Ju-Jitsu! (hence the martial arts themed chocs :P).  Her three sons; Ibz, Zee and Ee (not their real names...obvs!) are all black belts in Ju-jitsu! Although I think that's the junior level, but still that's pretty awesome for their ages! (Ibz is 13, Zee is 11 and Ee is 9.....i think!?!), so now their on to adult level stuff and they use bow staffs and nun-chucks and everything!

Also at Slatteries I stumbled across this mofo:

Giant easter egg! I think it was £95 or something! :/

So I always love going to Z's.  It's honestly like home away from home :) 
AND this time around, I played Tekken 6 with the boys and whooped their arses ;) I expalined to them that I've played Tekken since it came out on the PS1 and so that's why I was amazeballs.  
Usually, you see, I play Modern Warfare with them, which results in me dying multiple times as soon as I move two steps after re-spawining :/ so that's why I was happy playing Tekken 6 :P

So Me and Z have known each other for almost 4 years now.  We met at University as we where on the same course, and used to walk to and from the train station together.

I still remember on the first or second day of Uni, Z leaned over and asked if I wanted to walk to the station with her, to which I happily replied 'HELL YES!' (I was just happy that I made a friend you see).  

So when walking down she was telling me about how she's married and stuff, and you have to understand, Z looks like she's 18 years old....seriously.
So when she told me she was married I was like 'My goodness, she must have got married when she was like 16 or something!' as then she started to tell me about her son Ibz, who I assumed was  a toddler cuz the bloomin' woman looks 18 years old!!  

So I was like 'Oh how old is your little one?' referring to Ibz.  
Z replied 'Oh, Ibz is 9, Zee is 7 and Ee is 5', and at this point, I thought she got married when she was a child or some crap cuz it blew my mind that she was a mother of not one, but THREE, as she looked younger then me, AND had a better figure then me! 

So I asked her for her passport for proof (we brought in some form of ID on the first day of Uni to make our ID cards, don't want you to think Z carries her passport with her everywhere...ready to flee at any moment!).  Turns out she was telling the truth about her not being 18.  She was 30 something (I'm not being polite to hide your age Z, I just genuinely don't remember!)

I never really thought anything about our age gap to be honest.  I mean she as my first 'mature' friend or 'adult' friend, or whatever you wanna call it (I prefer mature, adult friend sounds a bit weird! Plus I iz an adult too!). 

But yeah, age aint' nothing but a number.  We're from two diff generations but still have so much fun and so much in common, and honestly she is one of my nearest and dearest friends.

Z's famous Bhujna Prawns with garlic bread and friend mushroom :D
My most FAVOURITE dish of hers.  She makes it for me every time I come bless her <3

So I urge you all, go and be-friend someone who is a generation older/younger than you (when I say younger, I don't mean too young....I mean know...20's or something.  Let's not get creepy here)
It would also help if they where awesome cooks :D 
(although that's not what is important in friendship chaps and chapettes!)

Z got me a box of chocs and some shoes for my birthday, which isn't actually until March, but cuz we see each other every few months she got them me now :)

Now my family are food fiends I tell you....fiends! 
Here is the box of chocs Z got me about 15 mins after they where opened...

A whole row gone!!
Thanks Z :D

And the shoes Z ordered for me;

I love these slipper style shoes :D

Thank you Z darling, Loves you xoxo
Quick message:

Uni work is getting pretty heavy, so my posting will be pretty infrequent :/ 

I've been trying to get the bulk of my dissertation done around now, as I go on a months placement back in the hospital I worked in last year, so will have no time/motivation to do any uni work then!

I feel like such a waste, as I only manage to write like 3 sentences every hour!! But I say this pic and it helped me keep going :D

So good luck to anyone who has any academic work, or just any work in general to do.  Remember this proverb and keep on going, even if it's only little by little at a time :) 



  1. The Prawns are looking real good right now.

    1. Sorry for making you hungy! My last few posts have been food based! no more for a while!

  2. I agree with you...everyone should have at least one cross-generational friend. One of my very best friends that I met through work is in her early 60s, 30 years older than me. OK, granted, she does tend to mother me a bit. But she really is one of my best friends. My husband is 10 years older than me. I like to remind him of that fact as often as possible. Ha!

    1. Aww I agree, age really is just a number, you can still have great friendships with older or younger people!
      i think it's good that there's a 10 year age gap, men can be more immature at times, 10 years is enough of a gap to balance out the maturity :P

  3. mmmmmm those karate chocs r coool I want some...n the prawns yum....its good to have a mix of friends as you can learn so much from different experiences & go out of the box from just your age group! also u got some early birthday presents thats great!
    btw keep up the great blogs & the uni work you'll be there soon!

    1. Aww thank you! I know not long to go.
      I love early bday presents :D

  4. This is a sweet post. It's always nice to hear about how people met. Lately, I have been reading a lot of posts about friendship, which has made me grateful for the buddies I have made over the years.

    1. Yeah good friends truly are hard to find. I have a lot of friends, but a few really good friends/best friends :D

  5. I searched for the Kiswahili saying to go with the English words for the Tanzanian proverb for you: Haba na haba, hujazi kibaba

    1. My goodness it rhymes! I'm gunna learnt that and just randomly drop that in mid-conversation. sounds like a chant!

  6. Whoa, those prawns look so good. I could go for some seafood right now actually...

    1. they do don't they! I regret putting them up cuz everytime I see them I want some moreeeee!

  7. Z is a great cook and has a fantastic family the prawns that she cooks wow my mouth is watering thinking about them :)

    1. I know!! She told me about your love for her prawns too! I tried to make them at home but they weren't the same :(

  8. Funny thing is I remember reading this and thinking of a comment. I don't remember submitting, because my internet screws with me and shuts down right as I hit the publish button. Anyway, I am always greatful for friends in my life like your Z.

    The proverb also helps me out.

  9. Oh no I'm sorry! Hope I didn't pressure you into commenting! I was just confused with getting a notification n all :P
    Apologies on my behalf :)

  10. Up to now, the only Z I knew of was the former Cubs' pitcher Carlos Zambrano. This Z sounds much nicer. And I agree age shouldn't matter too much when it comes to making friendships, as long as people like each other and have things in common.

    1. I concur, you might surprise yourself with how much you have in common with someone you wouldn't expect to! :D

  11. i've realised something- every single time i'm hungry (like, REALLY hungry), i always end up, somehow, for some weird inexplicable reason at blogs featuring amazing yummy, scrunchy,munchy things that make me crave like crazy. haha.

    changing tracks, your Z friend reminded me of my earlier blog posts where i used to write about a dear friend as Z. =)

    cheers and keep posting your lovely posts.
    =) =D

    1. Hahaaaa maybe your stomach is guiding you in what blogs you should read when you're hungry :P
      I will have to read your previous blog posts and find your friend Z :D

      Thank you for the compliment :D