Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Queen of February

Like I mentioned in my last post, it was my dearest Tee's birthday on Feb 1st (M-dawgs bro used to call Tee the queen of feb because she was born on the 1st!).

On her actual b-day we went to re-live an old tradition we had of going to the cinema on our actual brith-day day, regardless of what we were doing.  So we went to the movies (Orange wednesday *happy dance*).

Unspoken birthday rule (that I believe in), B-day girl/boy must NEVER pay for anything on their birthday...(Saying that, I made Tee drive us to the movies...but that doesn't count!).
So's I spoilt Tee, by paying for both her ticket AND her nachos, with extra extra jalapeƱos :O Big spender right!?!

We watched 'The girl with the dragon tattoo'
I've never read the book, but I've heard it was amazing, and I heard the film was pretty awesome too, and it lived up to they hype.  It was really really good!
For a two and a half hour film it was sooo intense and interesting all the way through.
BUTTT....there where a few scenes that made me wanna wretch and where a bit too graphic for me (those who have seen it will defo know what I mean!).
But I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who's not seen it, just a warning, if you're squeamish and don't like scenes that make you die a little bit inside....just know that there's a scene or two that may throw you off!

So that was Wednesday.

On Friday I met up with some of my lovely chums from the hospital I worked at last year, lets call them Monkey and Diva (they'll know who's who)  We had a good catch up, went bowling (I WON!) and then went to Frankie and Bennies for dessert :D

So it was also Monkeys and Divas birthdays a few months ago, and part of the presents I got for them where these awesome choco-pops

Truer words have never been written on a chocolate

Then on the saturday was Tee's party for her bday.
I failed to mention this whole time that it was her 22nd Bday whoop whoop!  Now Tee and M-dawg seem to have this bizarre concept that life goes down-hill after 21.
Personally, I couldn't really care less.  We're all getting older, every minute of everyday, FACT.  Can't escape the ageing process.

I honestly can't get my head around why people are afraid of getting older.  I mean I kinda do in a sense, time flies, you dunno where it goes.
But the way I see it, you should live your life the way you want to, regret free, every day.  live each day like it's your last, so maybe that's why I don't really care that I'm gunna be 22 soon (March 17th peeps! Get the bday pressies ready!)

So the lovely Tee's party was held in in a private room of a restaurant, and there was about 20 of us, and we had sooooo muchhh funnnnnn!  The manager kept coming into the room to turn the music down because we where apparently 'causing a disturbance', but hey, go hard or go home right!?

So I couldn't wait for Tee's present time.  I got her a bunch of little pressies (even though she specifically asked for people to NOT get her lots of little presents!!) But tough shit, you get what you get ;)

Sooooo when i wrapped her presents, I wrote little clues on each pressie, so could try to guess what it was before she opened it.  She successfully identified 1 out of 4 of her gifts so well done Arkid!

Reet, What I'm gunna do is put up the pics of her wrapped presents with the clues, and you guys can have a go at guessing what they are.

If any of you, by some miracle, get any of them right, then YOU WILL GET........
The satisfaction of knowing that you where correct Womp Womp (I'm cheap, so keep your expectations low form now on...)

The clues are personalised to Tee, so the clues might seem pretty useless, but the shape of the gift might be a clue for some!

Good luck peeps!
I'll reveal the actual presents tomorrow ;)

Clue: Every evil villain in a movie has one in their lair (or most....)


She got this one straight away

I wants one


  1. Awwwww those cakes look soooo good I'm feeling peckish! loving the sod the diet lolly hahaha! thats always me!
    Well I will take a few guesses....mmmmmm

    1. globe?
    2. ornament ?
    3. umbrella???
    4. calculator?

    BTW they r beautifully wrapped! Oh I can't wait till you reveal the answers!!! ;)

    1. My goodness! You got one right!! whoop whoop.

  2. I loved all the notes on the presents, I have never seen that before ... oR ... Am I just getting old and forgot about it? Hahahehe, I just had cherry cheesecake and coffee a few minutes before I sat down to read you.

    1. I wants cherry cheesecake! I might attempt making that actually.

  3. Why would you get your friend a dictionary for her birthday. This is the best that I could take from your cryptic clues

    I have seen both versions of the movie and while it was strange for a bit seeing James Bond as a whimpy journalist, I thought he did a decent job. I still felt good seeing the gory scenes. The guy deserved it. The book is much better because with the book you have two other books that follow up. Too bad the writer died so we will never get a fourth although his sister hints stieg might have written another one before he died.

    You are born on St. Patricks day. This must raise some hilarity in your house, unless of course if you are irish then you would have to become a nun.

    1. I'm not Irish, so no nun-ing for me!

  4. Sounds like it was a fun time. Kind of reminds me of how I treat my girlfriend except it's more like "Never let her pay if possible."

    A gentleman doesn't let a lady pay.

    1. aww how lovely! Chivalry is still alive after all :D