Tuesday, 10 July 2012

London: Attempt 2

Covent GardenMarble ArchHyde ParkHyde parkHyde ParkSome kind of guards on Horses
Harrods Food HallHarrods Food HallHarrodsNational Geographic CafeBobo with his fellow animal teddys!Natural History Museum
Natural History MuseumNatural History MuseumNatural History MuseumOutside Buckingham PalaceBuckingham PalaceVictoria Apollo Theatre
Victoria Apollo TheatreHaagen Daz Restaurant!

London 2012, a set on Flickr.
(Click on the linky above to see the pics)

If you haven't already, you can read about my failed attempts to upload my London pics here.

So I tried again, and the same message came, saying that I have run out of storage space, and must pay $2.45 to upgrade my storage (I think it works out to be like £1.20 or something?).
But what I didn't read last, which I did this time around, was that I would have to pay that fee monthly, which I am not willing to do! I was gunna pay it, as I thought it might be a one time thing, but I don't want to pay for it monthly.

Blogger's been giving me a lot of grief as of late, actually.
I have an AdSense account.  According to my AdSense account, I am owed £12 by google, which makes me one very happy bunny!  Think of all the sweeties I could buy with that money!! Or petrol for my car.....actually....

But yes, I've tried on three separate occasions to verify my account so that google can pay me my monies, with two separate current accounts, but I never get a verification payment to confirm so I can get my real monies.
It's pissed me right off, so much so, that I've just completely given up on getting my bloomin £12.

I bet that was the whole cunning plan by google and Adsense.  Make it so stupid and difficult to get your darn money, so that people just give up instead of being bothered enough to troubleshoot the problem. I'm too lazy to try and resolve it.  maybe one day, when I'm extremely desperate, and need that £12 as a matter of life and death.......
eh, probs not.

So I've set up a Flick account in the hope that I can share pictures with you guys via that.
I've never understood Flickr, but to be fair I've never attempted too! Seems pretty straightforward though, so fingers crossed it works and you can see the pics!

Thanks for being so patient dudes, and again, any feedback on other photo sharing ideas are greatly appreciated :D

P.S Mark- I considered your idea of sharing photos via instagram, but again, I'm too simple to figure it out :( But hopefully wont have to if Flickr works!

Yay so Flickr Works! 
Hopefully I can share my photos with no problems like this now.
Let me know if it's difficult to access or view the pics this way and I will try to think of another way.

We did take more pictures of ourselves, we're not boring, it's just I like to keep some sense of anonymity to the blog :)



  1. Well the pictures do look good so well done on getting it all done :) It's annoying that you have to pay monthly. I have to pay monthly for more space with my podcast but that's acceptable because they amount of space I have gets bigger, and I'm going to need more space as I go on. Oh well. Photobucket is very simple. You just make an account and it practically talks you through the rest. As for Adsense, you only get a payment when you reach £60 anyway, so that little £12 of yours may have been there for a while anyway.

  2. I took my google ads down because I thought they were more trouble than they were worth. (I am getting a decent amount of traffic to my blog now however, so maybe I could actually make some money off the darn things!) So, I don't really know how to get your money, since I have never done it before. I am sure one of your fellow bloggers can help you out with that one though. I vaguely remember something about there having to be at least $20.00 of profits in your account to collect your "winnings"? Or maybe that was just one of the options to choose if you so desire? Darn it. I don't remember now. I think your problem uploading the photos is because you are using the Picasa thingy. Can you just upload them to blogger without using Picasa? I don't use Picasa, and haven't had a problem. Using Flickr is a good solution also, I suppose.

  3. Nice photos. Sorry about Adsense though.

  4. Haha...finally you succeeded in uploading the pics somehow.
    Congrats :)
    I didn't knew that such problem is there in blogger.I used think that blogger is one of the most simplest and straight thing one could use!

  5. Fab pics...yay u did it! its a shame u need to pay monthly tho....I do love looking @ your pics & reading your blog...Fantastic X

  6. Thank you so much for the food porn. Facebook is full of people always posting pictures of the food they are eating, and it's almost always a dish that looks like vomit. But this, oh this all looked so delicious. I would even eat Buckingham Palace.