Sunday, 8 July 2012

Hola Amigos

Heyloo folks!

Still not resolved the photo issue I mentioned in the last blog post.  Tomorrow I shall sit down and try to think of some kind of resolution, though I do very much appreciate all of your feedback :)

So Sams wedding weekend is over!
She looked absolutely beautiful both today and yesterday! Her self and her husband make a very cute couple :) I sincerely hope they have a long and happy married life together InshAllah (God willing)!

You'd think I'd have more free time now that this wedding is over, right?
Well noppppee!

I have to go to Liverpool tomorrow morning and Wednesday to sort out more job prep stuff (mainly making sure I have the correct vaccinations and immunisations so I'm ok to work in a hospital environment), then my graduation ceremony is on Friday the 13th :D whoop whoop! And then there is another Mehndi and wedding on Friday and Saturday!!! Just when I thought I was done with weddings for the moment! Cupid has been busy, obvs.

So apologies for the lack of commenting on your blogs.  trust me, I read them on my phone, It's just hard to comment on them from my mobile, as the browsers decides to go all stupid and disobey me whenever I'm on blogger :/
But tomorrow I shall have catch ups and comment on all of your wonderful bloggy blogs!

Now back to uploading and editing wedding pics! (And then instagramming some of them after :D)



  1. My phone hates it when I try to use blogger too. It has the decency to tell me that it's going to be like that though. So I never actually read blogs on my phone.

    I'm at a wedding myself next week, but it's not going to be a good one. Me and my friend use it as a prime example of why gay people should be allowed to marry. If this couple can, then anyone should be able to. Still, it's my sister, I have to support her. I guess.

    1. Aww congrats to your sister! Yeah you have to support her! At least through the wedding anyway. Once it's over you can do whatever you want ;)
      Think of weddings the way I do, FREE FOOD! :D

  2. My family says that all the time.
    "God willing."
    "I will wake up tomorrow, and eat that delicious muffin, God willing."
    "There's a sale on Friday. I plan on spending my entire paycheck, God willing."
    I always liked that.

    1. yeah it has become force of habit now! Although we always say it in arabic as opposed to english, not that it really makes any difference!

  3. Good stuff... Nice to see you're keeping busy ;P Any problems with blogger and photo's, give me a shout, and we'll share ideas ;) Keep up the good work!

    1. Yup crazy busy :( hence why I haven'y been able to visit your wonderful bogs as much as I'd like to, I can just about manage this one!

  4. Hey Congratulations on your Graduation...u deserve it...the hard work paid oh my u r a busy bee! X