Thursday, 26 July 2012

Aysh needs YOU

Etsy is addictive. 
it's almost like a drug....
I could honestly spend all day on Etsy, looking at all the amazing stuff I wish I had.  But it can also be a bit stupid.  

It'a annoying when you see someone selling some old dusty cupboard that looks as old as father time and would break as soon as you touch it, but it's labelled as 'Vintage cupboard'-Errr no mr Hipster.  There's a difference between 'Vintage' and 'Old as fu*k'.

ANYHOO, I wanted to pimp out my iPad (where's Xibit when you need him?), and I've seen these stickers that you put on the back of your iPad, to make your pad look more 'individual' and blah blah.

(Stupid Blogger hates me again, and wont let me post pictures via its photo uploader thingy ma bob! So Flickr it is!)

Yo Dawg

Xibit, a set on Flickr.

I've narrowed it down to three stickers, but I loves them all so much :(
SO, this is where you step in, kind readers.
I like all three in equal measure, so I was hoping you guys would tell me which one you like the most, since I'm so indecisive.  Please and thank you in advance :D


Ipad Stickers, a set on Flickr.



  1. I'm going to have to say Bender because, well, it's Bender. Plus you would be placing it on something shiny and metal, so "Bite my shiny metal ass" applies :D

  2. My iPad is eXtremely personalized - it has my first and last names and two middle initials on the back, in the engraving from the factory. I doubt there are many quite like mine.

  3. Back when I still liked Naruto I'd say the Kakashi one.

    Actually, I'm still going to go with Kakashi.

    Also good to see that I'm not the only one who goes on Etsy, though I only use it to buy jewelry for my girlfriend. :P

  4. I am probably too late for this, but if I am not, I like Cookie Monster because I am a cookie monster myself.

  5. Cookie monster, bender is a close second

  6. In the long run things are worth more in original mint condition, with no stickers.... How come everyone knows who was on the stickers but me

  7. Cookieeeee Monster...No contest!

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