Sunday, 23 September 2012

Working girl

It was my first week of work last week.
Monday to Wednesday was the hospital induction, and then I started in the Audiology dept from Thursday onwards.

The induction was sooooo boring, when you've heard one fire safety talk, you've heard them all.
On the plus side I got a CPR certificate on Wednesday, after demonstrating my skills on a dummy. He wasn't as fancy as the Intricately designed Japanese love dolls you see, but even though he had nothing below his lower torso, he was good enough for me.

He hasn't called me since though :'(

Anyhoo, there are many things I have still to do blogging wise.

1. I've still not got round to finishing the short story I'm writing as a guest post for marks blog (I would post the link to his blog but I'm doing this via the mobile app, so I must keep it simples). I could think of many excuses, but to put it simply, I've just not been managing my free time well! So hopefully I shall finish that soon.

2. I've been meaning to do a book review of 'when I was five I killed my self', a book I finished last month. It's such a fantastic read, and is completely different from anything I've ever read before. But more in the book review post I shall do.

3. Help me out guys. Now that in working, my goal is to save up for a new car. I definitely want a 5 door, as in sick of having to constantly move my seats forward and back in my 3 door clio at the moment (or two door, really, since it only has, well,two doors.....). I thought I really wanted a VW golf, but now in thinking I want a Honda civic. If any of you guys are driving, what are you driving and do you like it?

Hope you guys have had a good weekend!



  1. Well congrats with the job :) A man with nothing below the waist if anything is better, that's the cause of all their faults. It's a shame he didn't call you back though, so I guess they still have some faults.

    Don't worry yourself too much over the guest post, really :) I don't drive yet myself but I think Golfs and Civics are pretty much the same cars. Simple and easy to drive. So I suggest really getting either and going for the best deal you can find.

  2. Congrats on the cpr certificate... you can learn a lot from a dummy. 'when I was five I killed my self' sounds very interesting, I can't wait for the review. I drive a Ford escort.. it's alright. I wish I would have gotten a was cheaper.

  3. Congrats! Sounds awesome so far. I wish I had my own car but right now all I have is my parents which I borrow from time to time.

  4. I would suggest a smaLLer economy car like the Bentley GT V8. It only has three doors, but I think you might like it. Believe it or not, there is actuaLLy a category caLLed 'Everyday Practicality' in the dot points on this luxury car!

  5. Congrats on your cpr certificate n starting your full time and civics are great cars and look for a good deal...i have a ford fiesta n it is a good economical drive...