Sunday, 12 August 2012

Why can't we all just be friends?

I've always thought the problem with the world today is the lack of tolerance and respect we have for one another.

Like, why do some people believe that we all have to have the exact same beliefs and live the same lives in order to be happy and have world peace?  What happened to agreeing to disagree and just judging a person based on their character and personality, as opposed to what religion they belong to, or what ethnicity they are, or whatever gender/sexual orientation they are/have etc.

As Muslims, we're supposed to follow the traditions (sunnah) of the Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w), and when he first immigrated from Mecca to Medina, due to the constant threats being made on his life by the pagan Meccans, he and his followers peacefully co-existed alongside the existing tribes of pagans and Jews in Medina, creating pacts and treaties for all the three tribes to adhere to as allies.
So it bugs me when I see hostile muslims around the world, declaring death to so and so (usually america and the west....womp womp), when the man who was the closest thing to perfection (in the eyes of Muslims), and who all muslims aim to be like, taught peace and love.

In the Qur'an, in Surah Al Kafirun, it says;

لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ
 Lakum deenukum waliya deen
"To you your faith, and to me mine".

I never have, and never will understand why people dislike others, to the extent of killing them,  because they're different from one another.

The most recent mind boggling thing I've found is this genocide that's occurring in Burma (Myanmar).
Bhuddists are massacring and killing Muslim men, women and children (including babies and infants), simply because they are Muslim! 
Like, what?
Muslims in the Rohingya area or Myanmar have been in Burma from as early as 1050AD! (Or so Al-Jazeera tells me....).
I don't even know why Bhuddists are killing these Muslims to be honest.  From every article I've read, it suggests that it was a completely unprovoked movement that has been going on silently for many many years. 

A similar thing happened to Kosovon Muslims by Serbians, as in they where persecuted because of their faith.

And the most famous example, the reason for WW2, Hitlers mass genocide of the Jews in europe.  How disgusting, the thought of killing and hating someone, just because of their religious belief.  I honestly cannot get my head around why people think it's acceptable!?

And of course, there was the Rawandan genocide which happened in 1994.  I had no idea about this until 2/3 years ago, which really annoyed me.  How could such a massive massacre of people not even be mentioned to the youth of Britain (or at least me in my youth), at least once, throughout our school life?  I was 4 when this happened, so I don't expect myself to remember, but I would have much rather learnt about the unfair massacre of people by their fellow countrymen rather then Henry VIII's inability to keep his bits in his pants in such detail (although I've never forgotten the fact that his corpse exploded.....that was gross).

But yeah, rant over.
I just wish everyone could respect and tolerate everyone, and agree to disagree, cuz' let's face it, there's no way every single person on this earth is gunna have exactly the same beliefs and outlook on everything in life.  It would make for a very peaceful world if we all did....but an extremely boring one!

Andy Warhol

In other happy news! After that little downer of a post, it was my parents 28th wedding anniversary yesterday.  My dads taking my mum away to switzerland as a treat! So uncharacteristically romantic of him.
So my brothers and I decided to surprise my parents with a swiss alps themed cake, and a personalised map, as our families crazy about travelling.  The map comes with loads of little board pins, so you can put pins in all the places you've travelled to! 

I honestly have the most amazing parents in the world who are truly one of a kind (or...two of a kind?).

Oh, and thanks for the sweet words about my doodles on the last post :) I'm practicing, so hopefully I'll improve! 



  1. That is truly disgusting to do something like that, but the cake looks yummy :) x

  2. Henry VIII's corpse exploded?? Well, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I wish we could all be friends, but not even my friends wanna be my friends. Long story, but, oh well... At least you are spreading a message of peace and love in your blog. Every great movement that has ever happened began with a single thought.

    1. Aww thanks. And hey don't worry about your friends who don't wanna be your friends, you've got us, your loyal followers, right? :D

  3. the Rawandan genocide was huge news at the time I think the estimates were 2-3 million people killed. There was also the ethnic cleansing of Cambodia under Pol Pot where similar numbers died. It is a sad reflection on humans as a species that these things happen.... and we should embrace different cultures as a positive...

    I hope the cake was/is as gooey as it appears to be in the photo ...... and well done on the 28years, lots more to go yet then.....

    1. Yeah it's sad :(

      The cake was amazing!

  4. The problem is power, and how one handles power. It is said that power, by it's very virtue, corrupts. In history we see so many instances where this has had tragic consequences. We have also seen people use power to achieve real good in society, though too sadly this is rarer. Christianity and Islam, the two major world religions look to Jesus (SAW) and Muhammad (SAW) for their message, a message given by God. If we get rid of all the cruft, and nonsense that has been accumulated over the centuries, the key message given was, "Hear O Israel, the Lord thy God is one Lord, and thou shalt worship the Lord thy God with all thy hearts, minds, souls and strength. This is the first commandment, and the second is "love thy neighbour, as you would thyself." This is continued throughout, from the Torah, to the Injeel, and finally to the Qu'ran. Those corrupted by power totally disregard these simple commandments, and use their power to foment discord. Classic example of this is the current Middle East "problem." Indeed it is very true that the Qu'ran insists on tolerance of other religions, i.e. people of the Book, for we all worship the one and only God, and to each of us, our own faith. May Allah give us all strength in these final days of Ramadan, and increase our faith and understanding. Ameen.

    1. Ameen! Everything you said is so true :(

  5. What? Buddhists doing that? Are you sure they're Buddhists and not some random cult instead? I really can't imagine Buddhists doing something like that.

    1. I don't think it's all Buddhists, it's one articular sect or group I think. But unfortunately true

  6. There are extremists in every religion, unfortunately. While Buddhism is known as a religion of peace, there will always be those zealots who twist the message to meet their own ends.

    1. So true! there are always those who want to manipulate certain teachings to support their personal motives

  7. Its the extremists that ruin it for every1....the cake is Fab U Lous!